Penis Cake Pops Exist For When You Want To Take A BIG Bite Out Of Manhood

Photo: bitten by the travel bug
penis cake pops

These realistic penis cakes probably taste a whole lot better than the real thing. I haven’t tried one yet, but the videos trending online show some pretty happy people shoving penis cakes into their mouths.

In fact, it’s unlikely that you’ll even get the chance to try one of these penis cake pops unless you happen to visit Taiwan in the near future. If you’ve heard anything about Taiwan, you’ve probably been told what an epic street food scene they have.

It’s true! I’ve been there and I spent many evenings roaming around the night markets, taste testing every intriguing snack I could find. Unfortunately for me, penis cakes weren’t yet a thing, and now I am feeling that I truly missed out.

Photo: Bitten By The Travel Bug

The penis cake pops are quite large and shaped exactly like a flaccid penis. They have chocolate in the middle, are made the same way as waffles, and are placed on a skewer. The best part is the semen-like icing drizzle that finishes off the masterpiece.

This naughty eating experience has become quite a novelty around the food markets, but not everyone is jumping on board. It turns out that quite a few locals have been reporting the vendor to the police.

Photo: Peanuts Daily

However, despite the few who are offended by the penis cake pops most people think they offer up a harmless bit of fun, plus a huge sugar rush. Because they are so unusual and Instagram-worthy, both locals and foreigners are flocking to the vendor to get a photo of themselves eating one.

While I’m sure that the men in the market crowds are finding themselves slightly excited watching women eat these cakes, it gives everyone a good laugh to watch mostly anyone take a bite.

Photo: That Food Cray

The vendor seems to be on to something, as anything that’s worth posting on Instagram is marketing gold these days. Maybe, just maybe, these penis cakes on a stick will make their way over to the U.S before carnival season is over.