15 Thoughts Everyone Has While Receiving A Rim Job

Everyone thinks it, I'm just brave enough to say it.

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Getting head is a snack. A treat, to say the least.

And although I was once skeptical of rim jobs, I've come to find that a rim job paired with cunnilingus is the treat of all treats. Sure, I don't make it an absolute requirement for serious dating inquiries — not like regular oral sex (yes, that's required once you've reached a certain age). 


But it only took one rim job for me to realize how glorious they actually are. It opened the gateway to heaven and since then I haven't looked back. However, they can leave a lot of lingering questions (and general thoughts) in your mind — especially if it's your first time receiving analingus.

If and when you receive your first rim job these 15 thoughts are probably something like what was playing in your head as you too get a taste of heaven, moving from cunnilingus to analingus. 

1. I can't quite pinpoint what territory his tongue is in. 

2. BUTT. That's definitely crossing the vaginal-anal threshold. 


3. Does he not care to know when's the last time I showered?

4. Oh, this feels really good and not as awkward as I thought. 

5. Will we kiss after this? Doesn't seem so sanitary. 

6. Too late! He's already kissing me. Shit. 

7. May as well enjoy it. 

8. It's been awhile since I've been waxed, hopefully, there's not too much hair. 


9. Is this a habit? Does he do this with every girl he brings home?

10. Wait. Actually. Don't even think about that.

11. What's more important is that he doesn't think I'm about to lick his ass in return.

12. Not. DOING. IT.


13. This is really going to set the bar high for guys in the future.

14. Is it over? Oh, no please don't let it be over already.

15. Can I just push his head back down in the same way that I usually do? Is that acceptable? Here goes nothing.