Follow These Do's And Don'ts For Making Sexy Role Play Games Seriously HOT

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Do's And Don'ts For Making Sexy Role Play Games Seriously Hot

By The Frisky Fairy

People often wonder about the sexiest ways to bring something fun to the bedroom.

When it comes to role-playing, whether you’re a Friday night lover or a Saturday gamer, these "Do’s and Don’ts" will prepare you to role-play like you never have before!

DO brainstorm with your partner(s).

Find out what makes your partner tick!

Do they have a particular character they would love to have in the bedroom? Does the idea of a sexy role-play scenario make them tremble?

Brainstorm some props, roles, and costumes you both want to try and make yourself a shopping list!

Also, be sure to also talk about the things that you do NOT want to try, and make sure to let your partner know if something is off limits. 

DON'T let yourself get stuck in one role!

Many times people who enjoy role-playing games get stuck in a specific character type. The beauty of fantasies is that they are an excellent way to try new things and to experiment with switching roles, so feel free to try changing thing up.

Perhaps you are typically equal with your partner(s), so maybe you can experiment with a little soft Dominance and submission. If you like, you can even try playing with gender roles and exploring things that are out of the norm for you.

Role-playing can also be an excellent time to start toying with the idea of pegging or acting out fantasies!

DO play around with costumes, props, and toys.

If you’re playing a naughty housekeeper, dress the part and accessorize with a feather duster. If you have one that is clean, you can even use it to tickle your partner(s).

Are you playing a sexy cowhand? Get a little bit of rope to lasso your partner(s) in. You can even use that rope later to practice your bondage skills!

Don’t be afraid to role-play with costume pieces you didn’t think of! Clark Kent’s tie can easily become a blindfold when he’s Superman. You can absolutely make use of old costumes, new costumes, and even your own closet for role play!

DON'T allow your body type or gender to decide what you role-play.

If you’re feeling sexy in what you’re wearing and you're enjoying your fantasies and role-play with your partner(s), don’t allow your body to get in the way of that!

If you want to be a male-bodied Wonder Woman, do it! Feel free to rock that Lara Croft costume regardless of your body type.

The best thing about role-playing is that it doesn’t have to be for anyone else but you. You can enjoy the fantasies, the acting, and the scenarios without needing approval from anyone. So go ahead and pick up that pirate hat and enjoy yourself!

DO act out your favorite fantasies!

Role-playing is an excellent way to try out new things without a lot of commitment.

Are you feeling a bit more submissive, and want your partner to take the reins? Ask them! If you want to role-play that you’re a naughty school student and your partner is the teacher, don’t be afraid to enjoy it. Between consenting adults, the taboo can include extraordinary pleasure.

Of course, it is always important though to respect your partner’s boundaries of comfort and not to push them into trying something that makes them feel uncomfortable!

DON'T feel pressured to do anything you don’t want to do.

Just because you have a specific fantasy, that doesn’t necessarily mean you want to act it out — and that's okay!

It’s okay to have boundaries regarding what you’re willing to or not willing to do. It’s also okay to allow those boundaries to change. Sexuality is fluid and flexible and allows for change and growth. If you were okay with something and then change your mind, that is absolutely allowed.

Make sure you check in with your partner regularly to ensure that they are also enjoying themselves. I recommend trying a Yes/No/Maybe list with your partner to outline things that you like, dislike, and want to try.

DO get into the mindset.

If getting into a dominant character for you means painting your nails black and layering on the dark eyeliner, do it.

If in order to really role-play a character you need to act like that character all day, give it a shot!

There’s no script to follow in erotic role-playing, and no one to tell you that you’re doing it wrong. You get to decide how your role-play scenarios go and what makes you feel good when playing them!

Make sure you are in the right space for a role-play — and if you’re not feeling it that night, let your partner know that you’d rather try something else.

DON'T be afraid to go all out.

If you fantasize about giving a sexy massage with a happy ending? Pick up some of your favorite massage oil and set up your room. Making the bed, setting out towels for your partner to lay on, and playing relaxing music.

Really make sure to set the mood for your scene. If you’re role-playing an office assistant and an employer, clean up your desk, and make sure you dress the part!

Whatever you’re doing, whether you’re playing a character, a part, a role, or simply dressing up in a costume, give it your all.

Try to explore new things, but at the end of the day, make sure you don’t get so wrapped up in the role-play that you forget to have fun!

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