This Is What Being In Love Means — The Good, Bad, And Everything In Between

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This Is What Being In Love Means — The Good, Bad, And Everything In Between

It's not always pretty, but the right love is worth it.

“It doesn’t matter if the guy is perfect or the girl is perfect, as long as they are perfect for each other.” — Good Will Hunting

You don’t love someone by showering them with gifts. You don’t love them by simply just saying those eight letters strung together to make three little words.

Being in love is so much more than falling asleep next to the same person every night. It’s more than always knowing who your plus one is going to be for every wedding you’re invited to.

Love means staying calm when your blood is boiling inside when you’re so upset that you could yell.

It’s thinking about what you’re really trying to get across and talking it out because you don’t want to hurt them for five minutes of being upset.

Love means not getting upset when you open your phone and find nine text messages in a row because they’re so excited to tell you something. It also goes vice versa when you open your phone to find nothing after a few hours.

It means getting this irrational fear that when you don’t hear a text back after they were traveling that something is wrong even though there is usually a logical response for the silence.

It’s being proud of them, when they have a big event coming up it’s cheering them on for it. When something is happening that they’re passionate about it’s making sure you take an interest in it and listen to them gush about how wonderful it is.

It’s loving their flaws, their imperfections, the things that drive you absolutely crazy and the moments when they’re wrong but they think they’re right.

When life is tough and they break down in tears it’s being there with a Kleenex with a shoulder to lean on. It’s holding them close because sometimes all they need from you is to be there.

Loves means getting angry at them because they’re stubborn and human and are going to mess up but it’s never rubbing their face in it. The only reason you get so upset is because you couldn’t imagine waking up tomorrow and something bad happening to them.

It’s the moment when their alarm goes off an hour before you have to get up and instead of complaining you make sure they’re moving and doing something nice, like getting them a cup of coffee.

It’s the mid-afternoon text letting them know you’re thinking about them, even if it’s just a simple hello.

Love means you don’t bottle up your feelings, if something is bothering you or upsetting you, you bring it up and work it out together.

Because now you’re a team and problems are solved so much better when you work together.

It’s finding the balance between being goofy and serious all in one.

Being in love means forgiveness. It means realizing that the other person isn't always going to do or say the right things. It's never failing to apologize to the other person when you've hurt their feelings regardless of who was right or wrong.

You find the person who never makes you feel like you’re an option but a priority. Love means finding the compromise. It means you won’t always do what you want but you do it because it makes the other person happy.

Love means spending time with their friends and family even when you wish you were spending time with yours.

Loving someone means that you are faithful and true to them even when the tough gets going. It’s struggling but knowing you have that person to fall back on.

Love means putting someone other than you first. You push them to reach for their dreams and don’t criticize if they fall; instead, you help them up off of the floor.

It means knowing this person is far from perfect but you wouldn’t ask them to be anyone else.

Love is struggling to sleep when they’re not in bed with you.

It’s growing together, supporting one another and realizing that there will be days that one person will put more effort into the relationship than the other.

It’s teamwork, it’s finding your partner in crime, the one who makes waking up on a Monday alright, the one who makes you smile just by hearing their name.

It's knowing that at the end of the day no matter what has happened there is someone who is always going to love you.

This article was originally published at PuckerMob. Reprinted with permission from the author.