These 4 Outgoing Zodiac Signs Can Make Friends With ANYONE

These signs know how to work a room!

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We all have those really nice, confident, and outgoing friends that know how to rock a room of randoms. And honestly we are all a little jealous of their killer social skills, amirite?!

Yeah, that one friend whose social skills are on a WHOLE other level than yours.

She is genuinely kind and doesn’t break a sweat when she meets new people. And if she does, she knows how to pull it all together and strut into the room like a BOSS.


This kind of person also NEVER struggles with the right words to say. It’s like her brain is constantly formulating new and exciting ways to say things, and her audience is eating it up.

And she doesn’t FAKE her outgoing nature. Nope, it’s all real and sometimes she doesn’t know how to turn it off to chill on the couch. Poor her. (That's total sarcasm.)


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She also WANTS to be there. She wants to make new friends and thinks if everyone could be a little more social, their lives would be happier. Because even though people can make us mad, people are pretty great and we should all take the chance to get to know new people.



Astrology has a ton to do with predicting our individual personalities, and so if you look toward the stars, you'll begin to see that while some of us are more introverted and quiet, others, like these 4 select extroverted zodiac signs, are outgoing as HELL and truly believe in this philosophy of meeting new people.

Find out if you (or a friend) is one of the most outgoing zodiac signs who make friends with ANYONE!

1Gemini (May 21 - June 20)

Gemini extroverted zodiac signs

Gemini has a PhD in being social. She never fumbles over words and always has her dictionary at the ready for some quick-witt. So a conversation with her won’t feel like pulling teeth.

Nope, she is always down to throw some fun banter back and forth to make you feel like you’ve known her forever. And you won’t know if you have or haven’t. She’s working her MAGIC!

She also has an innate curiosity. When chatting it up with her you won’t have to search for things to talk about because she wants to know all about YOU.

She genuinely wants to get to know everyone she meets in a deeper way, and you are NEXT!

And don’t worry about her remembering your name. She has no trouble with that!

She is very proud of her ability to learn quickly. And the skill even helps her make and keep friends for years. Because, first impressions are EVERYTHING!

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2Leo (July 23 - August 22)

Leo extroverted zodiac signs

Leo will walk into the room and make an immediate impression on anyone. And for the most part it's a GOOD one!

Although she might be nervous to walk into a room full of strangers (who isn’t?!), she lets that all go and puts on a confident front. And she must do a good job at it because she makes A LOT of new friends.

New people find her difficult to resist. She uses her confidence to brings new friends in and some confidence gets rubbed off onto those lacking it. And people are extremely appreciative!

Meeting new people can be scary but she makes everyone comfortable and gain their own little bit of confidence.

She’s also warm-hearted and cheerful. That big and wide smile with her iconic laugh will make anyone want to come up to her and chat. And she’s honestly SUPER comfortable with meeting new people that every conversation she has is genuine.

It doesn’t take her long to warm people up and have REAL conversations instead of small talk. If she had a podcast on making friends, I would definitely listen to it! She knows her stuff!

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3Scorpio (October 23 - November 21)

Scorpio extroverted zodiac signs

Scorpio is just COOL. And everyone wants to get to know her.

She keeps it calm and cool so she can be approachable but is also out to make friends. But not just friends that come and go. She wants friends that will last a lifetime.

She is one of the best kind of outgoing signs. She makes you feel like you have found a soulmate in a friend because that is what she is looking for.

After all, isn’t that what we are all looking for?!

So don’t expect her to sit you down and chat about Instagram trends, although she’ll probably start with that. She wants to know all about you and make a deep connection before her Uber arrives.

She is all about experiencing and expressing emotions so if you guys start crying over life, it's normal. Scorpio has that effect on people.

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4Pisces (February 19 - March 20)

Pisces extroverted zodiac signs

Pisces is so friendly, it’s hard for other people to understand how she does it. It’s a lot of work to be so genuinely friendly and Pisces does a fantastic job.

She’s also selfless, and will do anything to help others in any way she can. With all these amazing qualities she has no trouble making friends.

And they aren’t mediocre friends. They are friends that will do that same amazing stuff she does for them!

She can’t help but be confident in her friend making ability because it has worked so well in the past. She says it isn’t some mystery or magic trick. She’s just nice to people.

And she wishes other people could try to be nice to people too. It would definitely make the world a better place.

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