How To Sleep In Hot Weather: 7 Tricks To Stay Cool AND Comfortable

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how to sleep in hot weather

Summer is finally here! And you're probably thinking about how to sleep in hot weather, especially if your air conditioner doesn't work at full capacity. In these first weeks, we are reminded of all summer’s best attributes: the sun, the cute dresses, road trips, and outdoor excursions.

However, it usually doesn’t take long to figure out all of the things we hate about summer too: the bugs, frizzy hair, sweat in places we forgot could perspire, and sleeping in the heat.

If you are internally struggling over snuggling up with a blanket or exposing yourself to the bedroom elements to cool off, here’s how to sleep in hot weather and stay cool.

1. Set up multiple fans.

While you might have central air going in your home, it may not be enough to tackle the heat. Invest in a fan and aim that sucker right at your bed. It might mess up your hair but wild locks are totally in during this season. Better yet, set up multiple fans in your room to create a cross breeze.

2. Sleep on cotton sheets.

Sleeping without sheets seems so wrong, doesn’t it? Instead of ditching them all together, try swapping them out for cotton sheets. This is one of the best compromises when trying to figure out how to sleep in hot weather. They are breathable and light, adding to better airflow.

3. Wear an eye mask.

If you don’t usually sleep with an eye mask, now may be the time. You can actually buy the kind that are filled with a jelly-like material and are kept in the freezer until you go to sleep. Put that on your eyes to fall asleep easily and wake up with eyes that aren’t as puffy as usual.

4. Take a cold shower before bed.

Normally, a cold shower equals sadness. However, taking a cooling shower before hitting the sack in your steamy bedroom could feel great. Plus, it can lower your body temperature helping you fall asleep easier. But don’t make it too cold because that could actually energize you instead of making you sleepy.

5. Hang a wet bed sheet in front of an open window.

If you prefer to keep the windows open, try soaking a bed sheet in cold water and then hanging it up in front of the windows. You will get a nice breeze that is extra cooling because of the soaked sheet.

6. Unplug your phone.

Yup, even your charging cell phone can put off heat into the room. So, try to unplug as much as possible before going to bed.

7. Put a bowl of ice in front of your fan.

If you have a fan going in your room, try putting a bowl or tray of ice in front of it. As the ice melts throughout the night, the fan will send out the chilly willies, making it cooler.

If you have been wondering how to sleep in hot weather, look no further! Give these tricks a try and see how you feel tonight.