This Is What Your Brain Looks Like Without Sleep

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This Is What Your Brain Looks Like Without Sleep Or Insomnia

We can't stress enough how important sleep is for your health. But we also know that most of America is sleep-deprived or suffering from insomnia, falling under the recommended eight hours of sleep. So what exactly is going on with our brains?

Mic decided to shows us through an infographic. The blog used information from multiple journals and studies on how sleep affects the one organ that, pretty much, controls everything about us.

What's the main takeaway? No sleep means we would self-destruct.

When the brain finds it hard to focus, the risk of brain damage rises, you can begin to hallucinate, you become angry, lose your memory, and even your speech could start slurring.

Sleep deprivation sounds very much like being drunk, not definitely not in the good way.

Find out more about what your brain is like on very little sleep by checking out the infographic below:

Photo: Mic

Are you convinced to finally get to bed at a decent time yet? We sure are.

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