The Top 5 States Getting The LEAST Amount Of Sleep Are...

Looks like NOBODY in America is getting enough sleep, but especially these states.

Top 5 States Suffering From Insomnia Are... Getty Images

Many of us are just not getting enough sleep, whether it's due to insomnia or just a Sunday night. This is bad news because lack of sleep affects how we feel the next day, as well as our health.

According to a survey commissioned by Sleep Number, many people need to adjust their bed time. In fact, Americans get an average 6.7 hours of rest and only 5.68 hours of them can actually be considered restful.


But which states are the most sleep-deprived and which ones are the most well-rested? Here are the top five.

The states with most sleep-deprived people:

  1. Georgia (6.09 hours)
  2. Hawaii (6.28 hours)
  3. Nevada (6.31 hours)
  4. Oklahoma (6.36 hours)
  5. Arizona (6.39 hours)

The states with the most well-rested people:

  1. Idaho (7.12 hours)
  2. New Hampshire (7.06 hours)
  3. Vermont (7.06 hours)
  4. Montana (6.95 hours)
  5. Oregon (6.94 hours)

Sadly, no one is getting the eight hours of rest that is recommended. Sleep Number is hoping these shocking numbers will be a wake up call that Americans are too awake, and want us to #CommitToSleep


It's good in theory, but it's really hard for people to shut off their technology to get some shuteye!