These 3 Zodiac Signs Aren't Optimists Or Pessimists — They're Realists

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realist zodiac signs

Realists live longer. Okay, so maybe that isn't scientifically true — but it would make sense.

Realists see the world as it is and are probably more aware of the ugly dangers than the romantics and the optimists. And yes, it’s probably more fun to daydream about what the world could be... but these realists are too busy figuring out the world as it currently IS.

And we should thank them for that! Seriously, they are saving all our asses.

Us unicorn-riding and rainbow-searching crazy people have our heads in the clouds while the realists are saving the planet from falling apart.

Sure, these guys might get a bad rap for being pessimistic, but they are just observing the world the way it is. And these days, the world isn’t doing so hot.

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Realists are the ones who pay attention to the facts, love to figure out what the correct answer is and believe what is presented right in front of them — no frills necessary. And what better way to identify who the true realists are, than by looking at astrology.

Many of these zodiac signs are the scientists, observers, go-getters, and problem solvers. Without them, we would be walking around la la land with CRAZY stamped across our foreheads.

They bring us all down from the clouds and show us what is REAL and what is fake. And can I tell you how smart these signs are?! To be a realist you have to discern the right from the totally wrong.

So you either have to be extremely smart OR passionate enough to gather enough information to find out what is true. And well, these astrological signs are BOTH.

Scorpio (October 23 - November 21)

Scorpio realist zodiac signs

Scorpio is ALL about the facts and loves to be right 100% the time. And the reason why she likes to keep it real is because she is extremely distrusting.

Scorpio wants to know everything and wants no one to know anything about her. She wants everything to be laid without any secrets floating about.

So if you’ve been hiding a pesky little secret, she will walk straight up to you and demand that the air be cleared.

She’s the roommate who will address the tension in the air before anyone else and puts an end to the passive people making a mess of the good vibes. Scorpio dislikes passive people a lot because she thinks they are wasting time creating drama and getting NOTHING done.

Scorpio is assertive, meaning she will walk into any situation and take over. She has no time to wait around and find out what is going on by listening.

She wants to know what the problem is NOW so she can help. And if you are the lucky one explaining what is going, you better have all the facts ready to fire at her.

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Aquarius (January 20 - February 18)

Aquarius realist zodiac signs

Aquarius is a smarty-pants! She is so extremely intelligent so it's no wonder she sees things as they are. It’s hard for her to daydream about what things COULD be because she values seeing them as they actually ARE.

She’s also a problem solver. No matter what, she will find the CORRECT answer to the problem. And will never not come to a final answer because it would drive her absolutely crazy.

When Aquarius doesn’t have an answer to something she will work until she gets it because she wants to know what is REAL. And a proven, well thought out answer is definitely REAL.

She’s also a little scared to express herself emotionally. She finds that emotions have no calculated value other than these things called “feelings”.

Yeah, she doesn’t mess with those. She stays far, far away. That’s smart of her.

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Pisces (February 19 - March 20)

Pisces realist zodiac signs

Pisces is definitely a realist, but in a different sense of the word. Her realism lies within her gut.

She knows what is true based on her intuition. The girl’s got good instincts and they, for the most part, work out for her.

Pisces trusts herself to make decisions on what is real and what is not, and honestly she’s an expert in believing in herself. We could all use some tips from her!

The major reason why Pisces has to be confident in her own beliefs is because she is overly trusting and fearful. She will trust anyone but is constantly fearful of their motives.

She uses her trusty intuition to make a fight or flight decision, and I must say it’s the BEST out of all the signs. I know... a bold statement.

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