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Which Zodiac Signs Are The Smartest?

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Which Zodiac Signs Are The Smartest?

In school, there was always that one person who was always on top of everything. They asked a lot of engaging questions in class, turned in all their assignments and ALWAYS did the reading.

This person was a straight up smarty pants.

There are so many ways for someone to be smart.

There are people who are book-smart and can probably recite you lines directly from the dictionary. There are people who are smart when it comes to math. These whizzes can solve difficult equations that stump the rest of us.

And then there are those people who are just smart about…life. They always make the right decisions, and they basically never do any of the dumb stuff that the rest of us do.

When it comes to making decisions, these people ALWAYS pick the smart choices.

But there’s more to intelligence than just reading a lot or making smart decisions.

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Most people who were famous for being smart (think Einstein or Leonardo Da Vinci) were also famous for being curious, individualistic, and unafraid of experimenting or trying new things.

People who are smart are usually REALLY humble and always willing to admit that they don’t really know it all. They want to know MORE, so they’re always looking for different ways to do things or different angles to look at things.

When it comes to intelligence, sometimes the stars play a bigger role than we think. These people are programmed to be interested in things the rest of us may not be as passionate about. If you want to see who the smartest zodiac signs are, continue reading below.

Aries (March 21 - April 19)

aries which zodiac signs are the smartest

An Aries was the girl who was a total bookworm in school. She loves to always be busy, and she loves to challenge herself.

She’s always looking for opportunities to learn new things, and she will admit that there’s so much out there that she DOESN’T know yet.

She likes to keep up with the news, and she has strong opinions about EVERYTHING.

She is SO well-informed, and she can hold an intellectual conversation about literally anything. 

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Capricorn (December 22 - January 19)

capricorn which zodiac signs are the smartest

A Capricorn loves to gather information about subjects that interest her. From politics to psychology, there are so many subjects that pique her interest.

In her free time, she enjoys watching documentaries and listening to podcasts. As a result, she knows so much information about all these different subjects.

She likes to stimulate herself mentally and intellectually, which means she’s definitely one of the SMARTEST zodiac signs.   

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Aquarius (January 20 - February 18)

aquarius which zodiac signs are the smartest

An Aquarius is extremely progressive and intellectual. She is a deep thinker who likes to ponder ALL the questions of life.

She asks a bunch of questions, and she always strives to learn more about the world around her. And she always has a strong opinion about everything.

In her free time, she likes to visit libraries and museums.

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