The 3 Least Jealous Zodiac Signs (If You Want A Drama-Free Relationship)

These signs are above jealousy.

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There are some people who will get jealous over just about anything.

Holding the door open for someone who isn’t their significant other, smiling at people just because they’re being polite... you name it, it can send them off into fits of envy, insecurity, and rage.

Unfortunately, jealousy can seriously ruin a relationship. It might not seem like such a bad thing to you if you’re used to acting this way, but to your partner, it can be a huge dealbreaker.


On the other side of the spectrum, there are the people who rarely — if ever — get jealous.

This is usually because they have their own things to worry about in life and, if you are giving them a reason to think you’re jeopardizing your relationship with them, they’ll probably drop you anyway.


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For a few zodiac signs, nothing seems to faze them. They pretty much do their own thing no matter what and only surround themselves with people who respect that.

So, when it comes to being jealous in their relationships, they know that their significant other is either being faithful or isn’t, period. They're not going to sweat the gray areas in between.



These astrological signs never have to wonder if they should be questioning their partner and never worry that they should be envious of the other people in their S.O.’s life.

Plus, they know that jealousy doesn’t really look good on anyone, so they don’t see any need in wasting their time being with someone who makes them feel anything less than loved and wanted.

Unless you really are being anything but faithful to these ladies, you’ll NEVER see these 3 zodiac signs going green with envy about relationship drama.

1ARIES (Mar 21 - Apr 19)

aries least jealous zodiac sign

Aries worries about herself and no one else. She has a busy schedule complete with partying, working her butt off, and meeting new people — simply put, she doesn’t have time to get jealous. She knows that life is about constantly improving, networking, and getting out there. She also knows that hanging out with someone, doing something nice for a friend, or having lunch with someone new doesn’t mean anything than what it is.

Not only that, but Aries believes that being jealous just means that you’re insecure. If you can’t be confident with yourself AND your relationships, then something has to change. More than that, you don’t control other people’s actions; to her, being jealous just means that someone has a hold over you.

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2SAGITTARIUS (Nov 22 - Dec 19)

sagittarius least jealous zodiac sign

Sagittarius lives life one day at a time. From the moment she wakes up to the moment she goes to sleep (or not, if it’s the weekend), she only wants to enjoy herself. Being jealous means having to take herself out of the here and now, which is totally not something Sagittarius is willing to do.

Being a free spirit, it would be a miracle if Sagittarius even entertained being in a relationship, let alone go through with it. So when a negative emotion like jealousy threatens to ruin something she’s already on the fence about, she will usually just step away from it altogether; it’s just one more stressor she doesn’t need.

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3AQUARIUS (Jan 20 - Feb 18)

aquarius least jealous zodiac sign

Aquarius is an independent person who only ever wants to be her own person. Because she likes treating everyone like a friend before they can be anything else to her (a lover, partner, you name it), she doesn’t see the need to get jealous. If she doesn’t get jealous over things her friends are doing, why would she do the same for what her partner is doing?

Aquarius also knows that she would hate being treated like everything she does should be questioned. That means that she tries to show the same respect to her significant other, knowing that they would hate to be treated unfairly. Aquarius simply doesn’t get jealous because she sees no logical explanation for it; simple as that.

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