16 Quotes From The Strong Women In "Reign" EVERY Woman Should Live By

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Their reigns may be over, but the women of "Reign" continue to inspire.

If you haven't watched the show Reign on the CW, you really need to (and, as the show just aired its series finale, you can even start bingeing it!!).

I am one of those people who HATED history when it was taught at school but cannot get enough of a good, historic drama. Whether it's about Vikings, the Medicis or Henry VIII's court, the way these shows make history interesting and so complicated compels me.

And as someone who has watched her fair share of period dramas, I can tell you that Reign has something truly spectacular which makes it uniquely wonderful.

It has not one but a group of strong, powerful women.

Starting off in the court of King Henry II of France, the show is about the life of Mary Stuart as she struggles with her reign as Queen of Scotland with a bit of a modern twist.

Yes, Mary may start out seemingly weak and easy to push over. But not for long.

As each episode goes by, you see her strength, independence, and passion grow stronger both on her own and with the help of her ladies-in-waiting, Catherine de' Medici and even her rival, Queen Elizabeth I.

We watch as these women get by in a world where their gender makes them looked down upon, things meant to be seen not heard and definitely not in positions of power. And we see them KICK ASS.

They may have "lived" in the past, but their strength and their words will inspire for a lifetime.

Here are 16 inspirational quotes and lessons from the nobles of Reign that EVERY strong woman should live by.

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Strong women know they don't need a knight in shining armor. They can save themselves.

"The first lesson I ever learned was never to wait for a man's rescue." —​ Catherine de' Medici

The women of Reign remind us the only way you can find real love is by taking risks.

"Love is a risk for anyone." — Lady Lola

A strong woman makes life what she chooses, not what others choose to do to her.

"My life is once again the sum of my choices, not someone else's crimes." —​ Mary, Queen of Scots

Don't compromise yourself or change who you are for ANYONE.

"My dear, never give up a crown. To anybody." —​ Catherine de' Medici

True love is forever.

"And real love never fades, not truly." —​ Mary, Queen of Scots

A strong woman doesn't let the challenges she faces ruin her.

"You are alive. You will survive this. I know this...because I survived. You know that, too. They tried to destroy you by taking your pride and your strength but these things cannot be taken. Not from you. Not ever!" —​ Catherine de' Medici

All women know that men may think they rule the world, but it's really women who hold the power.

"John Knox: Men will never bow down to the weaker sex.

Mary, Queen of Scots: And they will suffer greatly for it." 

Reign teaches us that strong women fight for what they deserve.

"I am Elizabeth Tudor and I will bow to no man. I will face every threat to my reign with sword in hand and any who stand in my way shall fall." — Queen Elizabeth I

They also taught us that if you're going to do something, you may as well do it well.

"Mary, Queen of Scots: Are you wearing mink-lined boots?
Queen Catherine de Medici: Well if I have to run I want to look good doing it."

Your background does NOT stop you from rising to greatness.

"I need to believe, that who we are, matters more than our station." —​ Lady Greer

We are reminded that strong women can do ANYTHING.

"I don't attempt to do anything. I DO it." — Catherine de' Medici

Strong women never give up.

"History is written by the survivors. And I am surely that." —​ Catherine de' Medici

Reign teaches us there is nothing wrong with how we feel but how we may act on it.

"None of us are responsible for our hearts, only our actions." —​ Mary, Queen of Scots

Strong women place their children and their families first. Always.

"I don’t have much to live for these days, but I would still die for my children" —​ Catherine de' Medici

A truly strong woman tries not to care what others think of her.

"We're all basically fallen women - an unwed mother, a divorcee, eventually, and now a madam. So I say to hell with what people think." —​ Lady Kenna

And finally, the strong women of Reign teach us to make the most out of life.

"We all die Gideon. The question is what we stood for while we lived." — Mary, Queen of Scots​