13 Guys Share The Thing You Do That Makes You A 'Freak' In The Sheets

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what makes a woman a freak in bed

When it comes to what makes a woman good in bed vs. a freak in bed, we all have different standards. Apparently, Rick James only required a woman to provide incense, wine, and candles in order to dub her a “Super Freak,” but many would argue that that’s just a typical Thursday evening.

Calling someone a sexual “freak” isn’t always considered a compliment, which is unfortunate because being a freak ultimately just means stepping outside the norm and choosing your own adventure regardless of societal expectations. For many of us, recognizing that a bedmate is a freak is an exciting moment filled with promises of uncharted territory; although the term itself is inherently difficult to quantify.

In hopes to clarify what it means to be a “freak in bed,” we asked men to tell us what makes a woman good in bed vs. a freak in bed and how she earns such an esteemed title.

1. She tells me what she wants.

"If a woman talks dirty, I think she’s a freak, especially if she gets aggressive and takes charge giving directions. It doesn’t matter what we’re actually doing, even; if she’s verbalizing her desires, she’s already in another league."

2. She wants to have sex in public.

"A girl is definitely a freak if she’s DTF anywhere. Public sex is always freaky even if it’s not that great."

3. She has a tongue ring.

"Call me old-fashioned, but a tongue-ring is a tramp stamp for the mouth. I’ve never been with a girl with a tongue ring who was boring in bed."

4. She carries kinky sh*t in her purse.

"My wife used to carry a penis ring with a vibrating French Tickler thing on it and lube around with her in her purse when we met because she 'liked to be prepared.' I was both intimidated and wildly intrigued. I mean, goddamn."

5. She likes it rough.

"I’ve found that most women are cool with a little spanking or hair-pulling, so that’s nothing special. 'Freaks' are the ones who want me to go in hard with the roughhousing."

6. She calls me daddy.

"There are a lot of types of freakiness during sex, but the hottest are those take-no-sh*t type women who are out there living independent lives and then when you get them in bed, they want to call you 'daddy' and be bossed around. I love it. I know better than to try that sh*t outside the bedroom though; that’s a good way to get the sh*t slapped out of you."

7. She gives off a certain vibe.

"There’s no one thing, really. It’s more like a vibe she puts off. Just because someone wears something overtly sexual doesn’t mean she’s going to be adventurous in the sheets. Or even just because she is willing to try something new it doesn’t mean she’s going to enjoy it necessarily. I guess it’s like a vibe that she’s really enjoying herself while doing something new and different, you know?"

8. She's confident.

"Honestly, this one girl I was with was on her period and didn’t make a big deal about that or her pubic hair or any of the other things women seem to constantly be self-conscious of, and it was so refreshing that at the time I remember thinking, 'This girl is a FREAK.' But really, she was just confident and cool to f*ck whenever. Still, though, it was rare."

9. She wanted to taste my urine.

"Now usually, I’m all about a dirty freak encounter and have always taken pride in how adventurous I am, but I slept with this one girl who kept mentioning how much she wanted to taste my pee and that was when I realized I’m more of a prude than I thought. I’ll proudly admit I’m not about to piss on anyone… or IN anyone."

10. She enjoys group sex.

"My definition of what makes a woman good in bed vs. a freak in bed has changed a lot over time based on what I think will never happen to me. In high school, I was like 'Any girl who does BJs is a FREAK' because I never thought it’d happen. Then when I was blessed with that experience it became spanking, then bondage, then anal or whatever else I thought I’d never have access to. Now I’m like 'Any woman who will gather all 30 of her most gorgeous friends together to have sex with each other for a long weekend while I watch and join in occasionally is a FREAK!' Wishful thinking seems to be a solid M.O. here."

11. She knows how to let loose.

"I’ve actually been with a couple girls who were very... not 'frigid' exactly, but very closed off and insecure. Like, they were beautiful, but they buried themselves in layers of baggy clothes and were a little emo, but then when we were finally alone and naked, they were down for anything. But neither girl seemed desperate or like they were pulling extra work because they thought they had to. It was almost like I’d been let into the inner circle where they were finally able to let loose. Didn’t see it coming either time."

12. She wears crazy underwear.

"One of my coworkers seems very under-the-radar, but about a year ago, I saw her adjusting her skirt or something that required undressing a little next to her car one day in our parking lot and she had the craziest underwear on that I’ve ever seen in real life. I know she’s a freak now. It’s made watching for more signs of it like a fun Easter Egg hunt ever since."

13. She wants to perform analingus.

"A girl’s not a freak unless she’ll lick your butthole. End of discussion."