13 Women Reveal The WORST Lies They've Ever Told Their Husbands

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lies wives tell their husbands

Ironically, if anyone ever tells you’ve they’re 100 percent honest in their marriage, they’re 100 percent lying to you. Not all of us can be saints, and sometimes, things go smoother with a little blurriness on the details.

We asked women to tell us the worst lies wives tell their husbands and while some are undeniable doozies, a few appear to be more common than we suspected. We’ll let you figure out which is which.

1. I was still sleeping with my ex when my husband and I started dating.

"I was f*cking my ex occasionally the first year my husband and I were dating. We weren’t serious at first and I was still getting over whatever with my ex so I was... multitasking? I wasn’t cheating; we didn’t have a label, but he definitely didn’t think I was seeing anyone else, and I wasn’t technically, just sleeping with someone else. I know, I’m a slut. However, there’s no need for my husband to ever know about it because it all worked out once I cut the ex loose and we got serious."

2. I sold my engagement ring for cash.

"I told him I lost my engagement ring, but I didn’t. I had just lost my job and had to make a credit card payment on a card he didn’t know about so I sold it."

3. I wasn't a virgin when we got married.

"My husband thought I was a virgin when we got married, which is because I was a virgin when we first started dating. We had a couple breakups and I had sex with someone in between one of the times my husband and I were together and I don’t know... it never came up? Anyway, I didn’t think the virgin part was that big of a deal to him, just that we had waited to sleep together until we were married. But a few years into our marriage we were talking with some engaged friends and he said, 'Well we were both virgins when we got married' and I realized I could never tell him."

4. I got an abortion.

"I didn’t tell my husband that I had an abortion a couple years ago."

5. I've slept with a lot of men.

"My husband has no idea how many men I’ve really slept with. The number I told him is my actual number but with the decimal moved one spot to the left and rounded down."

6. I had a bad hangover.

"Well, my ex thought that I was 'sick' a lot when I was really just drunk or hungover, which, in retrospect, was an issue all on its own."

7. I knew his best friend was cheating.

"Not sure this counts as lies wives tell their husbands, but I knew that my husband’s lifelong best friend was cheating on his wife for about two years and never told anyone because he was banging MY best friend (since college) that whole time. I kept thinking they were finally finished until it blew up on them and I got caught in the crossfire because I'd known and never tried to intervene on anyone's behalf. It was a mess and a compelling argument for never making any new friends again!"

8. I know he's sleeping with his ex.

"He thinks I don’t know that he sexts like, three other women, including his ex-wife even though he’s 'never in the mood' when he’s at home. I have a feeling he’s sleeping with at least his ex, but I’m not sure. But either way, I’m planning a really fun 'big reveal' moment when I tell him all about what I know and maybe bluff that I know more. It’s gonna be great."

9. There’s a very small chance that our daughter isn’t his.

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"I got drunk and had a one-night stand after a fight we had shortly after our wedding, and I found out I was pregnant a month later. I don’t think either of us will ever know. I hope we never have a reason to find out."

10. I was having an affair.

"I had a very casual affair for a really long time during the end of my first marriage. To this day, I still don’t know if my ex ever knew or if he just chose to not see it."

11. I wasn't taking my birth control. Oops.

"Our third child was conceived during a brief time where he thought I was taking my birth control."

12. I never put him in my will.

"He’s not in my will, which isn’t that uncommon when you’ve had children together; however, my sister is."

13. I was married before him.

"He doesn't know. It was just for a year to my high school boyfriend when we were 18 and it was stupid and embarrassing, so I don't tell many people, actually. But I specifically swore my family to secrecy just for my husband. So far so good."