What Men Feel Like After Having An Orgasm

Photo: WeHeartIt

Orgasms. We all have them. I mean, if we have a healthy sexual life and happen to be consenting adults. You don't even need another person to have an orgasm that is hot as Hades, and it don't get much hotter than a fictionalized version of hell controlled by a Greek myth! 

As women, we know how good it feels not just to have an orgasm, but how awesome it feels after you have an orgasm. Does anything on the planet beat that swimmy, delicious, buzzy, sleepy feeling of coming down from a stellar orgasm? I think not.

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But men and women are different, and while we can try to put ourselves in their shoes, the truth is we will never know what it feels like as a man to have an orgasm or what it feels like for them AFTER they have one. I mean, we can always take a guess, but what better way to find out than by asking the men themselves?

So that's exactly what I did.

Okay dudes of the internet, describe how you feel right after you have an orgasm if you please!