What Men Feel Like After Having An Orgasm

Here's what he's REALLY thinking ...

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Orgasms. We all have them. I mean, if we have a healthy sexual life and happen to be consenting adults. You don't even need another person to have an orgasm that is hot as Hades, and it don't get much hotter than a fictionalized version of hell controlled by a Greek myth! 

As women, we know how good it feels not just to have an orgasm, but how awesome it feels after you have an orgasm. Does anything on the planet beat that swimmy, delicious, buzzy, sleepy feeling of coming down from a stellar orgasm? I think not.


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But men and women are different, and while we can try to put ourselves in their shoes, the truth is we will never know what it feels like as a man to have an orgasm or what it feels like for them AFTER they have one. I mean, we can always take a guess, but what better way to find out than by asking the men themselves?

So that's exactly what I did.

Okay dudes of the internet, describe how you feel right after you have an orgasm if you please!

  • "I think clearly again."
  • "Well, great, now my body's doing this thing outside my control and I'm going to have to clean up after it."

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  • "It's not as bad as, like, pooping my pants, but I don't find it pleasurable."
  • "Sensitive (physically), relaxed (emotionally), content (intellectually)."
  • "Immediately after orgasm, there is a 10-second window where I can actually make decisions that are not based on my dick. When that 10 seconds is up, though, I go back to being all about the nut."
  • "Blissful, relaxed, aware. A little bit like eating chiles."
  • "When I was a kid I never noticed the difference between orgasms, but as I've gotten older, I've found I have very different orgasms. In some cases, I feel pleasingly ball-sore, like the equivalent of sore muscles from a workout. Sometimes I'm immediately sleepy. Sometimes I wanna jump up and go do something, or get back to what we were watching. Sometimes (mostly) I wanna just lay around languorously."
  • "I couldn't say, to be honest. Mostly, it feels like a relief, I guess?"
  • "Tingle-y. Is that a word? I get the tingles and kinda feel like Emperor Palpatine just shot me with Force lightning."
  • "Right after having an orgasm, it feels calm and quiet in my brain. It's one of the only times I'm not thinking about sex or having urges."
  • "When I was young, really guilty (damn you, Catholic upbringing). These days, profound accomplishment (damn you, SSRIs). "
  • "Hungry and tired."

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  • "Happy. Fulfilled."

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  • "If the orgasm was satisfying, pleasantly exhausted; at times I start pondering completely different matters right after, as if the orgasm had energized me."
  • "The feeling slips through the mind the second you try to describe it, as it should. We seek it because it can't be described and because we can't remember how it feels once it's gone — not really. 'Both utterly connected and utterly disconnected from all things' would be my attempt."