5 Strange Things That Happen When A Woman Squirts

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It's fine as long as you're not the one cleaning it up.

You may have never experienced squirting, doubt it's a thing, or even wonder if it's normal. But the answer to all of the above? It's a resounding "yes." Contrary to popular opinion, squirting is not pee, but it can seem like it. And can be messy just like it. 

Essentially, female ejaculation (squirting) — which is so curious it's been the subject of major studies — may feel and look similar to pee, but it's actually a sign that you are experiencing extreme pleasure, and many of us do not express this in the same way. Still, it's pretty darn messy.

With that, here are some pretty gross things that can happen if you squirt during orgasm.

1. You may accidentally pee.


The fear for anyone who wants to experience squirting is urinating instead squirting, and it's a valid fear. 

"Some women will feel the sensation to pee during sex because the bladder is being pressed in the process, and sometimes involuntary urination can happen. It may be embarrassing and disgusting to many, but for some a golden shower is what is needed to turn them on," says sex expert Tyomi Morgan.

2. There's often spillage.

Related to peeing, you may find some leaks while orgasm.

"The muscles which control female ejaculation also contribute to urinary function, so the 'pushing down' movement required to achieve a female squirt will often make the bladder empty as well. To solve the problem, always empty your bladder before sex. If you're having sex in bed, lay down a towel to catch any spills, and then whip the towel away when you're finished so you have clean, dry sheets to sleep on," says sex therapist Jacqui Olliver.

3. Things get slippery.


"I love squirting... on other people's furniture, of course. It can become a slippery mess if you do it more than once," says adult film actress Briana Banks.

4. The mess is a pain to clean up.

Where do you think all that liquid goes? It doesn't just disappear!

"I love the actual feeling of squirting. It feels amazing. I love how unexpected it can be for participants and viewers. For me, I know when it's coming. The best way to prep for it is to drink enough water and get stimulated in the correct way. But once those flood gates open, it's a complete mess everywhere. I feel bad for the location sets; I always manage to get it into someone's eyes, mouth or hair," says adult star Jillian Janson.

5. You'll need a shower immediately.


"In one adult movie, I was performing in with another woman. I was having sex with her using a strap-on. She squirted over 35 times. It went inside my mouth, hair, the ceiling, floor and across the room onto the camera. I'm glad I wasn't the person who had to clean up the soaking mess. I needed a good shower after that scene ended," says Tanya Tate, a director of lesbian movies.