How EVIL You Actually Are, According To Your Zodiac Sign

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how evil you are
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Girl, you've got quite the dark side.

Are you 100 percent good? No? I didn't think so. No one is all good or all bad, we just hope that our good outweighs the bad. However, it’s good to acknowledge our shadow side, the part of us that has just a touch of evil.

We’re not saying serial killer, insane dictator, or mass murder kind of evil, just the kind that’s more bad than villainous. People who have momentary lapses in judgment, not those who live for the destruction of their fellow man. The kind of evil person who may litter at a campground, not someone who deliberately starts a forest fire. More of a sociopath than a psychopath.

There are times when it’s just fun to be bad. To let it go and just say all the nasty things that have been building up in your brain or not replace the toilet paper in the ladies’ room.

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Sometimes the bad things we do involve other people and other times they’re centered entirely around us. You know you should save some of the pizza for your partner but you eat it all anyway knowing that when they get home they’re going to be hungry.

Our vices can be ways in which we are evil to ourselves. You know smoking is bad for you — you’ve seen what it does to people — but there are still times when you sneak a smoke anyway. It’s not good for you and it makes people react negatively but still you do it.

You might not be comfortable with your evil side and may even deny that it exists, but that doesn't mean it’s not there lurking in your psyche. Some of the zodiac signs are not that evil, but others? You better lock your door, pull down the shades and turn your phone off when you see them coming.

Here's how evil you are, according to astrology.

ARIES: Raging evil
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You're generally cool and fun until somebody pisses you off — then all hell breaks loose. You will take down all those who anger you or who try to get in the way of what you want. If they really want to anger you, all they need to do is question a decision you've made or take something that you feel was yours, like a boyfriend. You go from zero to one hundred without warning and your blow-ups are legendary. You gotta watch your wrath.


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TAURUS: Surprisingly evil
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You're like a viper with your surprise attacks. You're so easy-going and chill that people are lulled into a false sense of security with you. They test you without realizing it and when they go too far, you attack. You have an instinct for where people are at their most vulnerable and that's where you strike. It's kind of evil how you use their vulnerabilities against them, though you just see it as protecting yourself.


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GEMINI: Two-faced evil
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Since you have two distinct sides to your personality, we can say that one side isn't that evil at all but the other one more than makes up for it. That evil side of yours loves to gossip and what you say behind people's backs isn't the kindest, most complimentary comments you could make. You love to discuss their flaws, failings, and troubles. You say you're just being honest and talking about it more as a cautionary tale for others than just malicious talk.


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CANCER: Lovesick evil
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You're evil in that obsessive love kind of way. If someone breaks your heart, watch out because you're definitely going to make them and their new girlfriend pay. There are a million movies about this kind of evil — from the recent Unforgettable to the classic Fatal Attraction. You don't do rejection well and you will use all your evil resources to have your revenge.


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LEO: Justifiably evil
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You're kind of an evil genius because you're able to justify the evil that you do. You don't feel particularly bad about your acts of evil for you rationalize them. If someone is getting all the good roles in your theater company, they might befall an accident, or if some guy is not taking no for answer, you'll do whatever it takes to teach them a lesson.


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VIRGO: Coldly evil
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You're able to remain dispassionate even in the most emotional of circumstances and that comes off as scary to some people. It isn't that you don't care, you just don't care enough to get involved. If your enemy was drowning, you'd throw them a line but you might not jump in after them — not because you wish them ill but because you're aware of your own limitations and you'd be afraid you'd be bitten by a shark.


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LIBRA: Secretly evil
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You'd hate for anyone to think less of you, so you'd never be blatantly evil. You'd rather quietly destroy somebody without them ever knowing it. Sometimes you just crack and do something that's less than nice, but you quickly feel remorse for your actions. You won't be direct and tell someone that you have an issue with them, you'll just go over their head to their supervisor and make an anonymous complaint.


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SCORPIO: Powerfully evil
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We've talked about it before. Do we need to discuss your bloodthirsty need for revenge? It tips the revenge scale and destroys everything. Yeah, payback is a bitch, but when you're that bitch, watch out. You'll stop at nothing to make sure that the person who wronged you never makes that mistake again. The funny thing is that you never get tired of going full out revenge mode — it makes you feel alive.


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SAGITTARIUS: Morally evil
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You have no clue how evil you are, you think you're just following your own strict moral code and doing what you can to make sure that others follow it too. You can only see things from your own perspective and you think you're doing what's right and proper. If somebody gets hurt because of your action, you truly believe that they'll be the better for it. You're a cult leader kind of evil.


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CAPRICORN: Financially evil
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Your evil comes out when your money is involved. If someone gets in your way of making it or steals from you, you get evil. You will throw a co-worker under a bus if it means you get a bigger bonus and you've been known to steal your money back (plus interest) if someone has stolen your cash or intellectual property. Anything is justifiable if it's business. You wouldn't be above participating in a Ponzi scheme if you thought you could get away with it.


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AQUARIUS: Cleverly evil
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You can be shrewd, so you know how to be evil so quickly that your mark never knows what hit them until you're in the clear. You're able to remain dispassionate and no one would ever suspect you of evil because you appear to be above such a base emotion. But you don't take kindly to being used or messed with, so when that happens, you create some new innovative way to be evil.


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PISCES: Fantasy evil
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You like to imagine all kinds of evil scenarios but when it comes down to truly being evil, you can't do it. You're too kind, too sensitive, too lazy. But whoa, the ingenious ways you come up with for your main character to get away with murder in your novel are truly creative. It's a good thing you rarely feel the need to use your powers for evil or even Voldemort might get scared.


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