These XXX Nature-Inspired Photos Of Femininity Will Make You Aroused

You never thought nature could be this sexy.

photos of femininity Maisie Cousins 

If I didn’t understand what femininity was before, I sure do now after seeing these photos. They are raw, beautiful, natural, and kind of disgusting (in a really lovely way, of course).

Photographer Maisie Cousins intentionally creates images that make onlookers feel a little confused, a little aroused, and a whole lot more interested in femininity and nature.

This particular body of work has been described by Cousins as an exploration between nature and sexuality. She uses nude models but also natural objects, like flowers and slugs, to show that the natural world around us can be sexy and sensual, even if we don’t realize it.


While she certainly uses breasts, butts, and mouths to create a sexual image, she is also just as likely to show flowers and plants that represent erotic figures in her photos of femininity. When choosing her subjects, Cousins says she makes her decision based on "what's looking nice in the flower shop that day."

Textures play a big role in her work and she is always conscious of her subjects’ textural appeal. She tends to use things that are greasy, shiny, glossy, or have a sheen to them.

"When I start to make the images, I think about textures I want to touch and mix together," she says. "Sometimes [these combinations] surprise me."


The textures certainly make her photos stand out. I kind of want to reach out and touch them, just to see what it would feel like (and not just the photos with the butts).

By checking out her website, you can see all of her work and even shop for your very own pieces. If you happen to be in London, her work will be on display at TJ Boulting from now until June 24th.

While I totally wish I could fly to London right now and have a look, shopping on her website is the next best thing. 

Check out the photos below and see what you think...




All photos by Maisie Cousins