The Spirit Form You'll Take On When You Die, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

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How you do supernatural.

Many people believe that everything including people is energy, and if that’s truly the case, what happens to that energy when we pass on? And more importantly, where does it go?

One theory is that ghosts and spirits are the energy of a person or animal that once lived and that they exist in a kind of holding pattern between our dimension and the next. They haven’t fully crossed over to the spirit realm and for many; they still have intense ties to our worlds.

You don’t necessarily have to be dead to be in spirit form. You may have an out of body experience and still be 100 percent alive.

Just because you are in spirit form, it also doesn’t mean that you need to be intent on haunting someone or someplace. You may be just as confused about your status as to those who are observing you.

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Since unlike demons or spirits, ghosts were once human, they have the same personality characteristics that they had when they were living, after they die. If you were a jerk in life, you’re probably going to be into scaring and tormenting the living; if you were shy and retiring, you may try to avoid any interactions with humans as much as possible.

There are such things as protective, kind, and gentle ghosts. Sure, Casper the friendly ghost is a cartoon but there’s some truth to him — not all ghosts wish to terrify the living.

When the deceased visit us in our dreams, that’s a way for them to communicate with us while they’re in spirit form and to tell us that they’re okay and in a peaceful space. You may wonder what type of ghost or spirit you’re likely to be and astrology can help you out.

Here’s the spirit form you’re most likely to take, based on your zodiac sign.

ARIES: You'd an interactive ghost.
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You sometimes get mistaken for a poltergeist because you care so much about making your presence known and you're very active. But a poltergeist was never human, though it's often linked to human's mental state. You like to interact with the living and will generally be polite about answering questions and giving evidence that you're actually there. You're not out to scare the crap out of anyone. 


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TAURUS: You'd be a family ghost.
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You appear as a warning of impending event or a death. You're often at the bedside of a family member when they're ill. You may be there to escort them to the other side or to tell them that it's not their time and that they need to return. Directly after your own death, you're likely to appear to a loved one to let them know that you've passed on. You want to make sure that they know that you're okay.


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GEMINI: You'd be a spirit voice.
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Once you're deceased you'll be desperate to contact the living but will not be able to do it in a direct manner. You'll try to communicate via electronic devices such as radio or on recording devices, which is known as Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP). It can be tricky to hear EVP as it comes through the best when there's static or background noise, but you'll persist because you'll be so desperate to get your message across to the living.


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CANCER: You'd be a grieving ghost.
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You're not going to be happy when you're gone and that grief you'll feel about losing your life will keep you connected to this world. You'll moan, you'll cry, and you'll find yourself stuck here, unable to make peace with your death and move on. You'll mourn for your life.


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LEO: You'd be a photographic ghost.
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You'll be the kind of spirit that only shows up in photographs and videos. Well, you always were photogenic and you'll enjoy the reaction of the people when (even if they were the one taking the picture) they notice you in the shot. You'll think it's hilarious and you'll love the attention.


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VIRGO: You'd be sensitive to time slipping.
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You don't have to be dead to experience a time-slip. Time slips are when you find yourself in another historical time — it can be in the distant past, the recent past or the future. Everything is different from the world you live in and you'll interact with people of that time. You may have a feeling when one is coming on but you won't know what sets it off in the first place. 


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LIBRA: You'd be a jokester ghost.
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You're not going to being dead stop you. You'll be one of those ghosts that loves playing pranks on people. It won't be mean or hurtful jokes, just kind of annoying, juvenile stuff. If you're stuck here for some reason you might as well entertain yourself. You'll do all the cliché ghost stuff — appearing just transparent enough to be unsettling, walking through doors, and removing the covers when someone sleeping but you're not out to harm anyone.


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SCORPIO: You'd be a vengeful ghost.
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Makes sense, right? If someone does you wrong and causes your demise, being dead isn't going to stop you from getting your revenge. However, that doesn't mean that you'll be able to exact your revenge on the person that did you wrong; you're going to be much more general than that. If it's a male who kills you, then you'll only attack or torment men. 


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SAGITTARIUS: You'd be a phantom spirit.
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You know on the Haunted Mansion ride at Disneyland where, at the end, two hitch-hiking spirits join you in your car? Those are phantoms. From a distance, phantoms can be mistaken for human beings, but when people get closer, the phantom will change into an apparition or change their appearance drastically. Phantoms are often seen in airports, train stations, and truck stops.


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CAPRICORN: You'd be an unfinished business ghost.
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Once you're dead, you will stick around to make sure your finances are in order, that your loved ones will be okay, or to pass along a final message. Once you finish your goal, you'd pass on. You may contact the living to help you but if the person you're contacting doesn't understand what it is that you need, that will add time to how long you'll be here. 


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AQUARIUS: You'd be a living ghost.
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A living ghost is someone who has out-of-body experiences or presents to someone as a spirit as a warning, even if they aren't dead, as more of a mental projection than anything. You're also known to have near death experiences, where you die but come back more knowledgeable about the process of death.


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PISCES: You'd be a guardian angel.
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Even in spirit form, you'll want to help people. When you're a guardian angel you'll be there to protect, guide, and help people. They will be unaware of your presence but you'll be there always, looking out for them.


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