Transman Waits 4 YEARS Before FINALLY Using His $77,000 Bionic Penis

Science is awesome.

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For Lee Carter, the road to making his physical exterior match who he is on the inside has not been easy. 

Up until 4 years ago, Lee was living life as a woman named Lisa. As Lisa, Lee dated men but struggled with serious depression and gender identity confusion that led to him seriously considering suicide. 

Luckily, he got the help he needed, and in 2009, he began the slow process of transforming from Lisa, the unhappy man born into a woman's body, into Lee, a smiling, happy man whose outsides reflected his insides. 


Part of his surgery included a $77,000 "bionic penis."

Not all transmen opt to have to have what is commonly called "bottom surgery." 

In fact, it's considered bad form and piss poor manners to ASK a trans person what the status of their genitals may be. You know, the same way it would be rude to go up to a stranger and ask them what color their nipples are. The same answer applies: It's none of your fucking business, dude. 


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When I was talking about this news story with my male friends, they were all delighted at the idea of having a bionic penis. I guess to their minds it would turn them into the 6 Million Dollar Man, able to have sex all night long and exhaust the endless supply of vagina that would come knocking on their door.

This is why science and nature have not seen fit to give these men bionic penises. You know what they say, with great power comes great responsibility! 



Luckily, because he had to live without a penis for so long, Lee was a fair bit classier when it came to putting his own bionic penis to use.

He waited four years (FOUR YEARS, Y'ALL) to finally put it to, erhm, good use. His reason? He wanted to wait to have sex with someone he cared about.

My kingdom for a world of Lees! 

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Lee found that special someone in the form of his girlfriend, Leanne, whom he actually met online after she read the book he has written about his experiences transitioning into the right body.


As far as Leanne is concerned, Lee is the man for her. While the couple are staying quiet about their sex life (and fair enough) they are together and happy, which speaks volumes about the success of Lee's first use of his bionic schlong. 

While it is truly awesome that Lee found the happiness he needed, I for one can't wait until he lives in a world where his happiness is what is reported, and not what's going on in his pants. I do feel like we're getting there, it's just going to take time!