This Personality Trait Reveals If You're A Person Who Walks Around Naked

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why some people walk around naked at home

If you have this one personality trait, you probably like to be naked at home.

Now that I think about it, I do know people who seem more inclined than others to hang out naked at home. Unfortunately for my childhood self, my dad was one of them. Okay, not completely naked. I mean, there were kids around. But he totally would have if he could.

When my brother gets home from work, the shirt always comes off, no matter how cold it is. For me, I prefer cute pajama sets, cozy sweatshirts, and Muumuu dresses, even when I’m completely alone and could be totally naked if I wanted to.

Apparently, there are reasons why some people walk around naked at home, and the tendency to lounge at home in the nude doesn’t have a whole lot to do with body confidence or the temperature. It actually is the result of a certain personality trait.

In the world of psychological research, professionals often talk about the Big Five personality scale. It is the most commonly used method for breaking down peoples’ personality traits and is divided into these five categories: agreeableness, extraversion, neuroticism, conscientiousness, and openness to experience.

While the terms themselves are easy enough to understand, it’s difficult to really know what the implications of them are, according to Lewis R. Goldberg and Benjamin P. Chapman, in the paper "The Personality and Individual Differences."

Goldberg and Chapman took a data set from the 1990s which looked at the Big Five while also answering questions that were designed to measure acts of daily life such as, “How often do you chew on a pencil? Use a sauna or hot tub? Talk on the phone?”

After compiling a lot of data, they were able to associate certain behaviors with the Big Five. For example, those with low levels of neuroticism were less likely to lose weight while people with high agreeableness were more likely to sing in the shower. People with higher intellect or openness to experience were more likely to swear, create art, eat spicy breakfast, buy organic food, not follow sports teams, do their own car maintenance... and lounge at home naked!

That’s right, intelligent people who are more open to experience are likely to be naked at their kitchen table, eating a spicy breakfast while thinking of their next artistic masterpiece.

While these personality traits and associated actions aren’t exactly true for everyone, the data shows that there are significant similarities and explains why some people walk around naked at home.

I can agree because while I am VERY open to new experiences, love to eat a spicy breakfast, and curse all of the time, the amount of time I spend naked at home is really very little.