Only 1 In 10 Women Orgasm During One Night Stands — Think You Can Guess Why?

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Study Says Only 1 Out Of 10 Women Have An Orgasm During A One Night Stand

Ever had a one night stand that left you with that not-so-fulfilled feeling? 

Girl, you are NOT the only one.

The fact of the matter is, most women have experienced far more than one sexual rendezvous without quite reaching the finish line.


And as it turns out, it's not their own fault in the least.

As science would have it, the reason so many women end their evenings without a bang lies squarely on the shoulders of their male partners.


Before you send your squad out to kick his ass, let's look at the facts.

According to an article in Playboy, researchers who surveyed 2,000 men and women found that "only one in 10 females achieve an orgasm during a one-night stand."


But wait, there's more!

The same study also found that while women were left empty-handed, so to speak, "64 percent of men climax in the same circumstance."

64 percent?!

That's some bullshit right there, plain and simple.

Why is it that men are consistently climaxing, while women get left hanging without one single orgasm (well, except for that one lucky b*tch, but whatevs ...)?!


After all, casual sex is supposed to be uncomplicated and fun.

That's kind of the whole point. But when women aren't reaping the benefits the way these guys are, what's the motivation for them to ever want to try it again? Think about that for a moment, gentlemen.

Unfortunately, this isn't the first study to prove that way too many heterosexual men simply suck when it comes to bringing a woman to orgasm.

Enough is enough guys.

If you want to have a one-night stand, you'd better plan to deliver, because we are over it!


And there is some hope out there!

The research goes on to say that the better someone knows their partner, the more likely they are to climax. Well, unless the partners are married, unfortunately, in which case the rate of orgasm for men drops to a mere 50%. Ouch!

Women, if you want to take action and make things better, speak up!

Talk to your partner, whether he's a stranger or your boyfriend. If you didn't have an orgasm yet, not only should you be sure NOT to fake it, but you should tell them how they can get you there! 

You need to be comfortable having that conversation, even if the timing feels a little awkward. Besides, if you aren't comfortable talking about the sex, maybe you shouldn't be having it with him.

Just saying.


Unless the guy is a complete asshole, he should not only understand, but he should want to know how he can make that happen! You can ask him to go down on you or finger you until you orgasm — whatever usually works best for you.

It's also important to note that the same study included one detail neither of you should ignore.

If you're planning to have sex — casually or with someone you're in a relationship with — you should definitely avoid getting wasted on alcohol.


I know, I know. That sounds too horrible to bear, but hear me out! 

The study found that men prefer to have one-night-stands when they are drunk, but alcohol consumption lowers a woman's chances of having an orgasm. 

Research published in The Journal of Sex showed that "increasing levels of acute alcohol intoxication are related to systematic changes in female orgasmic experience reflected by physiological, behavioral, and cognitive indices," which, in plain English and as stated by The Metro, means that, "Whiskey vagina or ‘whiskey vagdryna’, much like cotton vagina, is a thing and FYI it’s why you’re not getting wet down there."

Obviously, many one-night stands only ever take place with a little help from some alcohol, but priorities, people ...


You could always drink just enough to get a light buzz going. Experiment and see what works best for you.

But if neither of you makes any changes, you're looking forward to many nights with one very unhappy vagina ahead.