12 HI-LARIOUS Sean Spicer Memes We All Need In Our Lives!

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12 Funny Sean Spicer Memes You'll Be Dying To Share!

Oh, Spicey...

If you find anything and everything Sean Spicer says hilarious, or even if you're just looking for a good laugh, get ready to enjoy yourself!


Sean Spicer is known for many things.

He is currently the White House Press Secretary for President Donald Trump.

He is an avid fan of chewing gum who apparently swallows an entire pack a day.


He dressed up as the White House Easter bunny during the Bush Administration back in 2008.

No, seriously that part's not a joke...


According to this article in Time Magazine — and, it seems, just about anyone else you ask about it — Sean Spicer even helped coin the term "Alternative Facts," made famous thanks to President Trump's Counselor, Kellyanne Conway.


In an interview with Chuck Todd on "Meet The Press," Kellyanne infamously claimed that Spicey was merely using "alternative facts" when he falsely called the crowds at Trump's swearing-in ceremony "The largest audience to ever witness an inauguration, period, both in person and around the globe."


Couldn't have said it better myself! 

Regardless of your political party, one thing we can all seem to agree on is that Sean Spicer makes for some pretty damn funny memes. 


Thanks to the beauty of his bunny-tail past and his link to "alternative facts," Sean Spicer has now found himself as a meme in some of the most hilarious and ridiculous situations you can possibly imagine.

And of course some pretty amazing Gifs thanks to Melissa Mccarthy's incredible impersonation of old Spicey on Saturday Night Live


Watch McCarthy absolutely NAIL Spicer right here:

She is spot on! 

So whether you love him or hate him, you have to admit that these memes are amusing ... and you have to know at least one person that has shared them. 

We've gone ahead and done our part to make your day just a little bit lighter by gathering 12 of our favorite funny Sean Spicer memes for your viewing pleasure.


Nobody puts Spicey in the corner!

Sean spicer memes

"I do not need a nap and you are not the boss of me, period."

Sean Spicer Armstrong??

Sean spicer memes

"And there I was walking on the moon for the first time."

OK, this is actually a fact.

Sean spicer meme

"Jack could of fit on that door, period."

This, not so much...

Sean spicer memes

"Milli Vanilli sang their own songs, period."

Don't worry I got this!

Sean spicer memes

"GOP: We haven't said anything mind-numbingly stupid in 24 hours."

"Spicer: Hold my beer."

No zombie bites here, period.

Sean spicer memes

"Sean Spicer looks like the guy in the group of survivors that hides the fact he was bitten by a zombie."

His first choice — "alternative facts" — was already taken by Kellyanne Conway.

Sean spicer memes

"I changed my password to 'incorrect' — so whenever I forget what it is my computer will say 'Your password is incorrect.'"

Yes, he actually said that.

Sean spicer memes

"We have a right to disagree with facts"

"Think about what he just said."

Actually Spicey, you are!

Sean spicer memes

"Those reporting that I am now a meme are shameful and wrong. I am not a meme, period!"

DON'T bring Harambe into this! RIP.

Sean spicer memes

"Harambe would still be alive if Donald Trump was President last May. Period."

The color of Cheetos is not a natural skin tone, period.

Sean spicer memes

"That is the President's natural skin tone, period."


Nobody can digest that.

Sean spicer memes

"Now serving 'Alternative Facts.' Easier to digest than truth."