People Are Now Taking Pictures Of Their Naked Butts In Beautiful Scenery

Yes, humans are weird.

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Just when you thought Kim K and her butt could claim all the attention on the internet with her breaking it one butt pic after another, there's a new trend on the rise, that you might not know about.



Butt pics in beautiful places!

Everyday people are now taking nude butt pics surrounded by pretty scenery. Maybe they think their bums enhance the landscape or maybe they are they just proud of their posteriors.  

Who knows. What we do know is that while new images are flooding sites like Instagram, showing off nude butts of all shapes and sizes isn't anything new. 

Dating back to the Roman Empire, common folk flashed their fleshing posteriors to make it clear that they didn't like something or someone. In fact, showing your naked butt was enough to start a riot. 

And who hasn't seen a full moon from the window of a school bus?


Of course, mooning, or showing any part of your butt in public, isn't something a person is encouraged to do. But who hasn't been accidentally mooned by someone bending over while wearing hipster jeans? 

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In some states, mooning remains a protected form of free speech, although, in some areas, mooning falls under an indecent exposure offense. So, before dropping your drawers in public for your very own butt pic, be sure to get familiar with your own state laws!


Here are 9 of the most popular butt pics on the internet that are really their very own form of natural art.

1Bumming around? Butt pic.

Butt Pics In The City Instagram

Nothing says, "I've earned these tan lines," like mooning in the city.


2Want to celebrate George Orwells? Take a butt pic with friends at Wigan Pier!

Butt Pics With Friends Instagram

What a way to make a memory!


3Want to celebrate Earth Day? Go ahead with a butt pic.

Butt Pics For Earth Day Instagram

There's nothing more earthy than baring it all. 


4Graffiti isn't the only thing that's beautiful.

Butt Pics In The City Instagram

Good try, trying to blend in!

5When one full moon just won't do.

Butt Pics And Art Instagram

Collage a group of butt pics, and call it art.


6We made it! Group butt pic!

Butt Pics With Friends Instagram

One mound deserves another, and another, and another...

7I don't think they liked the Wizard of Oz.

Butt Pics With Friends Instagram

Let's hope the next show is better. 


8"Always keep your head warm."

Butt Pics In By Water Instagram

Even when taking a butt pic.

9Seize the moment.

Butt PIcs On The Road Instagram

There's more than one way to feel the breeze flowing through your hair.