This Woman Has The World's Most Scientifically Beautiful Body

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What The Scientifically Perfect Female Body Type Looks Like Based On Measurements, Proportions, & Ideal Waist To Hip Ratio
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Even having the "perfect female body" hasn't stopped her from being a victim of body shaming.

The great thing about a home is that they can come in all different shapes and sizes and still be considered a home.

The same goes for body types.

Our bodies are our homes — and the beautiful thing about our bodies is just that: they are completely ours. All our stretches, curves, and marks make our bodies, our homes, even that more signature to our own person.

Since all bodies are wonderful and deserve to be praised and loved at all times, we not only have love and admiration for our own bodies but other women's bodies as well.

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And the female body type that both women and men are continuously raving about is 39-year-old supermodel Kelly Brook, who, according to University of Texas research, has the world's most scientifically perfect body.

Their study found that the ideal female body has a height of 1.68 meters (5 feet, 5 inches) and has a bust, weight, and waist to hip ratio that measures 99-63-91cm (39-24-36in), which is nearly exactly the body measurements Brook has.

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Despite the fact that she's considered to have the "world's most scientifically beautiful body," Kelly Brook has said countless times that she has been the victim of ridicule and body shaming.

For example, in 2017 when Brook posted a photo of herself in a bikini, Instagram users reportedly called her a "whale" and accused her of being "fat." According to The Sun, Brooke responded on Twitter, saying, “I have lovely smart people follow me on social media who I like talking with! I will not let the negativity of a few stop me sharing.”

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Photo: Instagram

As stated by The Sun, “at the conclusion that Kelly Brook is perfect for science, the research took into account body measurements, age, face, lips, nose and hair. The model has stated many times that she had suffered because of her body.” 

Brook's figure is a long way from the stick-thin models that the media often bombards us with and a reminder that you don't have to be 100 pounds to be pretty. Every female, male, and nongendered body is different and equally stunning.

It's important to remember that the ideal female body changes all of the time. Whether you're petite, slender, curvy, or even a little bit of everything, your body type likely either has been (or will be) "ideal."

Plus, the "perfect" female body varies widely among different people.

So whether you're working towards a body like Kelly Brook's or simply working on loving your own, keep up your hard work and respect and honor every inch of it.

And while we can't all look like Kelly Brook and be "scientifically perfect," there's no right answer to what real women look like — we're all real women, and we sure can work the camera and the runway like she does!

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