Meet The World's FITTEST Couple (And The Secrets Behind Their Hot Bods)

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world's fittest couple

Couples that lift together stay together?

This duo can attest to that as they have been deemed the world's fittest couple. What a title!

Hailing from Britain, Simeon Panda was deemed the seventh most influential fitness professional on the globe, according to Forbes. He’s 30 years old and started blogging about his fitness journey in 2013. With such a short blogging career, it hasn’t taken him long to build up a massive following of 8 million people across his different social channels.

Not only is Panda impressive at the gym, but his passion has led him to launch a career in sportswear, e-books and gym accessories.

His girlfriend, Chanel Coco Brown, shares the spotlight with him as this London-based couple is constantly turning heads on the streets and in the gym.

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In an interview with Daily Star Online, Panda says that he met Chanel, now 24, about five years ago.

“We first met in 2012 and I was blown away by how beautiful Chanel was inside and out. We had a great first date but for whatever reason, we didn't get together. Our second date didn't take place until late 2014. We hit it off and within a few months became a couple,” he said.  

They hit the gym together and keep each other motivated to work out hard.

Photo: Instagram.com/chanelcocobrown

We work out together daily and push each other to perform our best during workouts,” says Panda.

So, what does it take to get as ripped as Simeon Panda? Well, you’ll have to hit the gym, EVERY SINGLE DAY. That’s right, he works out seven days a week for a minimum of an hour and a maximum of an hour-and-a-half. During that time, he tends to focus on one muscle group per day. And he keeps his diet healthy about 95 percent of the time.

While he doesn’t count calories, Panda says that he thinks he consumes about 4,000 calories each day.

When talking about what he eats, Panda said, “I don’t have a bodybuilder’s diet; I have a healthy eating diet. I eat a whole range of good, healthy, clean foods and that not only keep me trim, but also allow me to steadily grow over a long period of time. I eat medium sized meals five to six times a day consisting of whole grain rice, chicken, fish and not so often, beef, all with a healthy portion of asparagus, spinach, broccoli, etc. Dinners are always more interesting, from a seafood stir fry to a spinach lasagna.”

Chanel’s diet is pretty much the same, except that her portions are much smaller.

He goes on to say, “Chan’s diet plan is almost the same as mine; however, I just eat copious amounts more and with bigger portions. Our diet is healthy 95 percent of the time, our regular meals are high in protein with whole grain carbs and a substantial portion of vegetables. A typical meal could be a power bowl of stir-fried diced chicken breast in olive oil, with butternut squash, beetroot, kale and whole grain brown rice.”

Despite the super-clean eating, these fitness gurus know that treating themselves is important for their health as well.

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“At least once or twice a week I'll eat whatever I want; it's not a set day or time, it's simply when I feel like it. With eating clean healthy food 95 percent of the time, these cheat snacks or meals won't affect my goals of maintaining a defined physique. I also feel it's necessary to indulge in treats now and then as part of a healthy lifestyle,” Panda says.

So, if you want to look as good as the world’s fittest couple, you better hit the gym every day and watch what you eat. But don’t forget to treat yo’ self!