Whoopi Goldberg Is Creating A Line Of WEED To Relieve Your Cramps — Hallelujah!

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Whoopi Goldberg Is Creating A Line Of Medical Marijuana To Relieve PMS & Menstrual Cramps!

Whoopi to our menstrual rescue!!

If you hate your period cramps (and who doesn't!) then you'll be happy to hear that Whoopi Goldberg has created a solution to your painful problems, by giving you weed.

Whoopi, well known as an actress, comedian, talk show host, and entrepreneur, has teamed up with Om Edibles owner Maya Elisabeth to create a new company called Whoopi and Maya, with plans to release a line of pain relief products designed to ease your period discomfort and menstrual cramps.

Whoopi, who has been a vocal advocate for medical marijuana, told the Daily Mail she was inspired to start the line by her granddaughters, who suffer from severe cramps

In an interview with Marie Claire, Whoopi explained how she got started with her cannabis business.

"Well, I suffered from cramps forever. And when I was talking to my friend Rick, who runs High Times Magazine, he was explaining to me about all the folks who are getting into the marijuana business and they seemed to all be men. I said, "So, is there a product out there that's for menstrual cramps?' And he said, "Nobody's going to do it, it's a niche market.' And that made my head explode."

"It's thought of as a niche market because the people who are running it are pretty much all dudes, so they don't know anything about periods. If you had women running the weed market, I think there'd be lots of different products. I know periods. I know how horrible they are, and I know enough people who suffer from them that I really want to speak to them so they can carry something in their pocketbook for relief. Or come home, get in a tub, and soak with something that will actually work. "


Whoopi and Maya's line is set to include these products, to begin with:

  • raw sipping chocolates
  • topical rubs
  • tinctures
  • bath soaks

While the products won't "get you high," you will feel a sense of relief from those stubborn cramps and aches

Here's the catch. In order to try any of these products, you will have to:

1. Live in California, and...

2. Possess a medical marijuana card.

But hey it's a start to something truly fantastic!

Thanks for looking out for us Whoopi. You're our hero!