These Women Are Having More Sex Than Ever — And They're Over 70

Photo: New York Post
71 year old woman discussing sex life

With a little under a quarter of my life lived, I can totally see the infatuation with lots of sex.

Although I hope nothing about my sex life changes (except maybe getting it on a more regular basis), I can't exactly be sure of that I'll be up for the task once I'm in my geriatric golden years.

But, I sure do have Ronni Verebay — a 71-year-old New Yorker who is "having lots of sex" — as #Goals.

She and her platonic friend Paulette Mann, age 81, who may not be having quite as much sex as Ronni but is all about getting hers if and when she wants it, sat down with a video team from the New York Post for a bit of girl talk, ultimately giving us all the dirty deets on their sex lives.

While the two friends agree they are sexual polar opposites, both of their sex-positive attitudes are a refreshing surprise given their ages — as women weren't always free to be sexual beings in the way that we can be now. Cheers to them!

“I know, it is beyond crazy. But I’m figuring my p*ssy is no different than anyone else’s. Women should be educated,” Ronni told the Post after describing one of the most jaw-dropping sex acts she's heard of to date. 

Spoiler: It involved a man stroking a woman's clitoris. Or, as she puts it, "orgasmic meditation."

When I saw that Ronni was wearing a Vesper Vibrator Necklace by Crave, I knew this woman was my spirit animal in 50 years.

The two also took the video crew to Babeland, a Manhattan sex shop, where the two looked at everything from vibrators to collars/leashes with absolutely no shame in their game (as it should be).

Admittedly, Mann found the BDSM section of the store to be a bit "scary" but believes that women can and should explore their sexuality at any age because as she puts it "if not now, when?"

These two women are pretty damn kickass IMO and definitely what I aspire to be in my old age — they don't take up knitting and rockers, but instead vibrators and "orgasmic meditation." 

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