This Shocking Video Explains How Health Foods Can Actually Make You Unhealthy

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Getting healthy can be VERY frustrating. You want to get fit and improve your eating habits and yet your stupid body betrays you at every turn.

It doesn’t make a lot of rational sense. If our bodies know that ice cream, jelly donuts, and every other kind of junk food is bad, when why do they crave them SO much? Shouldn’t our bodies be on our side? Why don’t they make us crave things that won’t raise our cholesterol, give us gas, or make our skin super-splotchy?

That dynamic has always mystified me — why are we so self-destructive when it comes to how we eat — UNTIL I watched this jaw-dropping video.

Honestly. If you want to understand exactly WHY your body seeks out foods that are bad for it, you HAVE to watch this viral video by renowned heart surgeon Dr. Steven Gundry.

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Normally, I’m pretty skeptical about online health videos, but Dr. Gundry actually has a resume that’s hard to ignore. He has over 30 years’ experience as a heart surgeon, he was head of Cardiothoracic Surgery at Loma Linda University, he founded The Center For Restorative Medicine — the guy knows his stuff.

(You might also know him from his many TV appearances or his best-selling book Dr. Gundry’s Diet Evolution.)

So this isn’t just some random thing a guy uploaded to YouTube about how blueberries can cure male-pattern baldness. This video is backed up by a lot of science and it makes ENTIRELY TOO MUCH SENSE.

Here’s why I think watching this video is so important — until I watched it, I never really understood where junk food tastes SO good and feels SO addictive.

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I think I always just assumed, “Hey, I’m genetically-inclined to like pizza and pasta because I come from a long-line of starch addicts.” But nope. That’s not it at all.

What we eat every day plays a huge role in our overall health, and what we eat can influence those annoying cravings that make us eat a whole bag of chips even if we’re not really hungry.

But the important thing to realize is that those cravings for bad foods aren’t really coming from our brain — they’re coming from OUR GUT.

That’s right. If you can’t stop eating junk food, chances are, the origin of your problem starts in your gut — or, more specifically, your poorly-cared-for digestive tract.

I can hear you already saying, “BUT I try to eat healthy all the time! I eat vegetables and whole wheat bread and protein all the time!”

And, oddly enough, your attempts to eat healthy might actually be a big part of why you're unhealthy.

Dr. Gundry explains this in MUCH greater detail in his video, but, essentially, there are FAKE health foods out there. Foods that we THINK are healthy, but that, in reality, are horrible for our digestive health.

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(I’ll let the video explain the main culprits, but, as a tease, let me just say that you’ll never look at tomatoes the same way again.)

These fake health foods can be bad for you because they contain high levels of certain proteins that can KILL certain microbes in your digestive trait. But those are microbes that shouldn’t be killed. I realize that sounds counter-intuitive — we live in the age of antibiotics and antibacterial soaps in every bathroom, but we NEED a certain level of microbes in our body to help us digest food.

However, there are good microbes and bad microbes. The good microbes keep us healthy, help us digest food properly, help us manage our cholesterol. And they send messages to our brains that let us know “Hey, we’re full, let’s stop eating now.”

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But bad microbes — microbes like yeast and bacteria — they just want to keep eating and growing and guess what helps them grow? Really crappy food. Things full of sugars and saturated fats and everything else our bodies DON’T need.

If we eat the wrong foods (or take too many antibiotics) and it affects the levels of our good microbes, it just leaves behind the bad microbes. And they’re the reason you keep eating cold pizza at 3 in the morning and gaining weight.

Dr. Gundry’s explanation for how our food cravings really work BLEW MY MIND and made me realize that I’ve been taking terrible care of my gut over the years. (No wonder I like chocolate-covered bacon so much.)

Fortunately, there are some immediate things you can do to improve your overall health and get your gut back on track.

The first step is cutting certain foods out of your diet. The video spells out the biggest culprits that you have to avoid (some are pretty surprising), but it also spells out many different sweet treats and tasty alternatives that you can definitely keep eating. (Chocolate is on the list!)

The second step is learning what natural elements should be added to your diet to help regulate your overall digestive health.

You can go for a probiotic OR a more effective addition to your diet might be a prebiotic — that's essentially a super-food that you can use to nourish the good microbes in your gut. (Some also contain a compound that helps starve out your bad microbes.)

Prebiotics allow the good microbe ecosystem in your gut to thrive and, once you start taking care of your good microbes, they’ll start taking care of you. That means your body will get healthier, you’ll feel more focused, your digestion will improve, your skin will clear up — there’s a HUGE upside to having a healthy digestive tract. And it will fix SO many of your daily health issues.

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If you’re skeptical, seriously, watch Dr. Gundry’s video and make up your own mind.

His arguments are backed up by some hard science and they make sense. All I know is that I’m never going to think about my gut in the same way again (and I’m ordering a prebiotic like PrebioThrive ASAP).

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