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Rapist Brock Turner Is Free — After Only THREE MONTHS In Prison

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If it seems like only just a short while ago, Brock Turner, notorious rapist and athlete (now with no chance of Olympic medals in his future), was sentenced to a ridiculously short time in prison — well, that’s because it was.

And now, he’s out.

Because it’s been only three months, and that is apparently enough time to overcome his rapist tendencies.

After being discovered in the act of sexually assaulting a woman at a college party while she was completely unconscious, Brock Turner still managed to leave the courtroom with a paltry six-month sentence that was reduced to three months before he even set foot in prison.

Apparently, he received “good behavior” credits and had his sentence halved, even though before sentencing, he was originally facing up to 14 years in prison, in a state that requires a two-year minimum for sexual assault.

He. Got. Six. Months. And served even less. In protective custody, to boot, which means no one ever got to make Brock Turner feel the way he made his victim feel.

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Yes. Brock Turner is a free man, despite the fact that he has exhibited no actual remorse for his crime.

It must be nice to get caught in the act and then just spend all of your time attributing your foul actions on a “party culture.” Apparently, owning up to the fact that he has actual rapist urges that he’s acted on before and spending his time in jail honestly atoning for his crime is just too much for poor little Brock Turner.

No, it was all the alcohol! And look at Stanford University, trying to ban hard liquor to play right into that fantasy that the alcohol was responsible — and not the school's star swimmer. Brock’s not a rapist, guys. He was just drunk. Damn you, alcohol!

Brock Turner’s actions were beyond foul. His trial —  overseen by the disgraced Judge Aaron Persky — was unbelievable and gave him every opportunity to use his position as a prominent athlete, his position as a white male, and his position as the son of a rich family to take Lady Justice’s scales and fling them straight out of the courtroom window.

While he gets to hug his family this Friday and walk out of prison, head held high thanks to his rigorous denial of culpability, somewhere out there, his unnamed victim gets to know that the man who violated her is walking free.

That the man who raped her when she was passed out at a party and forced her to sit through weeks of questions like, “What were you wearing?” and “How much had you had to drink?” managed to successfully turn her into the at-fault party.

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Disgusting isn’t even a word that can describe the leniency shown for Brock Turner, but it has set a precedent. One in which rapists are spun as the “real victims” and their wealth, power, or skin color takes a front seat to the person that they raped and violated.

There will be protestors attending Brock Turner's release, people trying to make it known that America will no longer tolerate rapists finding leniency in court.

And while this case is terrible, we can at least be glad that it helped bring awareness to ridiculous legal loopholes that are often exploited by defense attorneys in rape cases, like the one that says if a victim doesn’t protest (regardless of whether they’re conscious or not) that it isn’t rape.