Meet The Woman With The Glow-In-The-Dark Vagina Tattoo

onya cox glow in the dark vagina tattoo

There's a special place in hell for face tattoos — this we know! But, what about vagina tattoos?

They probably feel like hell to get, but otherwise it just seems intriguing as f*ck. I'm sure you're wondering who in the world would subject themselves to that type of pain.

Well, there is, in fact, one woman (certainly more lurking around) who would and did sit through the pain of getting her a vagina on her tattoo. (OK, not the inside of her vagina, but her vulva, you know, the external genitalia.)

She goes by the name of Onya Cox. (Sure the last name is just coincidence).

The best part? Her vagina tattoo is glow in the dark. Yes, her vagina is lit (literally)

Just in case her partner is having a hard time finding it, you know?

But, all jokes aside this woman is a total badass. Did you see her sit ever so calmly through this tattoo process? And apparently her vagina tattoo was inked two times deeper than normal tattoos and retraced three times more than usual.

Due to the unusually deep layers of this tattoo, Onya told Klaq, an online publication, that she's able to "hit the scab with an ice pick."

Not gonna lie, that sort of grossed me out as the mental image began to form.

Nevertheless, the image of pain gets to me far more than the thought of anyone ice picking their vagina.
I've had enough tattoos and piercings to know that this is not a spot that is easy to sit through. Not Onya, though, she takes the pain in a way that only a champ could and love it or hate it, you've got to give the woman her props.
And, if you're thinking her vaginal work of art is pointless as only a select few get to see it you should know that Cox is far from shy when it comes to showing off her tattoo, which makes sense considering she made a YouTube video of the process.
It also (likely) has a lot to do with her work as a Las Vegas BDSM performer. Of course, I'm not exactly sure what a BDSM performer is but I can certainly try to imagine based on the description she gave on her site.

“I am discrete and very passionate about my craft. I believe BDSM isn’t just for pervs. I feel it is an art form of body mind and soul and I provoke as much emotion as I can during a session. Providing quality BDSM sessions for 15yrs..”

Seriously, the word interesting doesn't even begin to sum up this woman's life. But, we're definitely not judging either. Ok, actually, maybe just a little but mostly trying not to.