What You're REALLY Saying When You Flirt With These 6 Emoji


How These 6 Emoticons Change The Meaning Of Your Flirty Text unsplash / luke porter

By Lauren Scallen

Emojis are the new pick up lines. They can make or break your conversation with a potential new bae.

As a millennial, I take my texting conversations very seriously and can spend hours over-analyzing and agonizing over even the slightest punctuation that my love interest sends me. I consider myself an expert in all things that I like to call, dexting (dating through texting). Dexting is the new dating and with everything that is new comes new ways to flirt. 


Emojis give you the opportunity to say a lot without any words. They are the perfect scapegoat. Why send words when you can send an emoji?

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So, here are the 6 best emoji’s you should use when engaging in dexting:

1The heart emoji — your safest best

The heart emoji — your safest best clipart fox

This is the most classic emoji that ever did live. This dates back to putting your crush’s initials in your bbm status/msn name. If you’re unsure if he or she is into you and want to play it safe with the flirting, I would definitely recommend throwing in a heart emoji to add a little hint of romance to a convo that might be going too friend-zoney.


2The monkey emoji(s) — cute but casual

The monkey emoji(s) — cute but casual Emoji Stickers

Are you the girl that everyone calls cute but not sexy? This isn’t necessarily a bad thing! Cute girls are the most underrated texting girls in the game. Cute girls can make a boy swoon with a monkey emoji and just a little hint of playfulness. The monkey emojis are a great way to take the conversation from “hey I kind of like you” to “maybe we should take this to real life”. Plus, who doesn’t love a little cute monkey in their life??

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3The heart eyes emoji — an asset

The heart eyes emoji — an asset Emoji Island

This emoji is a major asset because it is an emoji that lasts long into the relationship phase of dexting. Couples love the heart eyes emoji. But that doesn’t mean you can’t spring it into action early in the game. The heart eyes emoji ensures that the friend zone is never seen. It screams confidence. Bae will definitely know to turn up the romance when you throw in this emoji.


4The kiss emoji — when you... ya know? Just wanna kiss

The kiss emoji — when you... ya know? Just wanna kiss Emoji Island

This emoji is everything stated above encompassed into one. It can be cute, safe, and your asset. It all depends on how you use it. This is your virtual kiss. It can be used by all you long-distance relationship folks or those of you texting your S.O. before a night out. It is all up to you. That’s what makes it so fun!

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5The emarrassed face emoji — for when things get a little rated R

The emarrassed face emoji — for when things get a little rated R Crave Online

It’s okay you don’t have to admit that you and bae got into a heated sexting convo last night. We are all guilty of this and this emoji is the perfect addition to those fifty shade worthy texts. It’s playful, yet somehow sexy. It’s the perfect way to end that rated R convo with a cheeky “hey, come over” text. Send this emoji and bae will bring the convo straight to the bedroom.


6The wink face emoji — the "sexy" emoji

The wink face emoji — the "sexy" emoji Emoji Island

I saved the best for last of course! This emoji is for all you straight to the point people. You know you want bae and you know bae wants you. You are over this whole dexting thing and want this meet up to happen like NOW. This is a great emoji for all you tinder-users out there or even for those of you who don’t know how to send the right message.However, this emoji does come with a fair warning: if you overuse this emoji it can get really creepy really fast so just be mindful of how many wink faces you’re tossing into the convo.

My last bit of advice when using emoji’s to dext?

If a potential-bae starts sending you the “:p” face emoji you need to start running in the other direction. This emoji is only to be used by those who are married. It is almost too safe. Don’t be that emoji flirter.

But most importantly dating in real life is fun too!!!! Don’t get stuck behind your phone falling in love with every heart emoji being sent to you. Dexting is fun but dating is better.