What Men REALLY Think About Your Overly Edited Selfies

how to take sexy selfies

I can't remember the last time I posted a selfie to social media without editing it just a little bit.

This goes double with dudes.

I'm not saying that I go nuts with the FaceTune, turning my selfies into photographs that look more like portraits of sexy aliens than they do of my normal sexy self, but let's be real, sometimes a girl's gotta slap a filter on a pic, you know what I'm saying?

But just like there are men who don't like it when women wear too much makeup, there are men who don't like it when women do too much filtering. That doesn't mean we have to care what they think, sexy is as sexy feels.

But it IS a phenomenon, and one I've always been just a little bit curious about. 

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Are there men out there who get weak at the knees when they see a sexy selfie that's been edited to oblivion? Are there men who swipe left on Tinder when a girl goes too far with the editing? Do men even notice when we edit our selfies a smidge? I asked a group of anonymous men what they thought, and they were more than happy to share.