These Five Pairs Of Zodiac Signs Just Cannot Live Together

Having trouble with your new roommate? Well, you might be on to something. Here's why!

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Have you ever wondered why your roommate, whoever they may be, always forgets to do the dishes or change that damn towel? Or why he or she never manages to change the toilet paper? Or why they can't pick their dirty laundry up off the damn floor and do the wash for once? Or, while they're at it, they can't help you out and throw your load in too once in a blue moon?! I mean, after all, it's been a LONG day and all they do is sit on their ass...


... Okay. Deep breaths, Britt. Keep it together...

Or are you the exact opposite? Are YOU the moocher who relies on your roommate to do everything and have absolutely no qualms about it? Chances are, if you've ever lived with someone else, you've had thoughts like this before. But it's possible that there's a perfectly logical explanation for all of those conflicting emotions. And the zodiac might play a bigger role than you think.

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It's true! Depending on your zodiac sign, without realizing it, you may have paired yourself up with the worst match in roommate history. Or maybe you're one of the lucky ones who has found the perfect roommate. Your astrological sign says a lot about your specific personality type, so, if two naturally conflicting signs decide to share a small studio apartment... yeah, it's going to get really ugly really quick.


Some signs go together like peas and carrots and others, well, might be better off living alone.

Without further ado, here are five pairs of zodiac signs that should NEVER live together, because they simply won't be able to keep the peace, no matter how hard they try. (Don't blame them. It's the universe's fault.)



Although a Leo can be exceptionally confident and warm-hearted — especially when it comes to the people she trusts in her inner circle — she is an artist, first and foremost. Being a Leo, I can say from personal experience that our kind of "organized chaos" is not one to messed with. We have our stuff in order in our minds and know where everything is at all times. However, from a neat-freak's perspective (a perspective shared by MANY under the Taurus sign), we are out-of-our-minds messy.

A true Taurus — solid, ambitious, logical — might have a minor (or major) heart attack just looking at a Leo's personal living space (Leos are anything but logical), so I'm going to go ahead and assume that it won't get any easier for a Leo and Taurus living together. So maybe avoid this pairing unless you're casting a wacky opposites-attract sitcom.

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So, between a Cancer and Aries, you have one who is organized (in the brilliant chaotic style of a Cancer) versus a complete and utter MESS. (Admit it, Aries people.) Need I say more? Yes, a Cancer may be super sensitive to your feelings, but it doesn't make her any less mad when the disgusting sandwich you drunkenly ate last weekend at 4 am ends up on her bedsheets. She's secretly having a panic attack at every moment of every hour about it — like a true Cancer — and is constantly playing out in her mind exactly how she's going to approach you about it.

Although that carefree Aries might be SO fun and spontaneous (probably one of the main reasons why her Cancer best friend chose to live with her), the co-habitation was probably a bad idea.

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A Gemini is excellent at communicating (and coming back at people with their wittiest comments), so, when his Sagittarius roommate asks him a question about why he's such a disaster, he's going to have a completely logical explanation for it. There will ALWAYS be a reason why there's an odor coming from his bedroom and, he will not only fight you to the death as to why there's an odor, but he'll also swear that you both NEED such odor in your apartment. (Yes, it's that serious.)

This pair might last longer than some of these other groupings because a Sagittarius is, after all, always on the move trying to do everything and save the world at the same time. So the Gemini will have a lot of time to plot and plan their brilliant oral arguments, but there's going to be a point where their Sagittarius roomie is going get sick of their sh*t. Rest assured.


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Although a Libra is usually born to be a team player, she tends to make excuses more often than not. Libras love to discuss their own problems, so your Lib roommate will always be in her own head when you try to tell her what needs to get done around the place. She's not doing it on purpose, but, if you have to care about her boyfriend problems, she should try to care about your feelings about the metric ton of potato chip crumbs on the carpet.


Alternately, a Capricorn roommate is the complete opposite and is totally a die-hard believer that, if you want something, you go out and do it yourself. So, the Capricorn's OCD won't play nicely with the oblivious Libra for very long.

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A Pisces roommate will be literally the happiest girl on earth (almost to an annoying degree), so be prepared for them to do ANYTHING to please. That means, hey Scorpios, maybe lay off your always-smiling roomie and get your own shit done for a change? You are WAY too invested in your own career and success anyway, so does it really matter if she's a relentless people-pleaser and won't stop trying to make your apartment perkier. I'm not sure how long her Pisces patience will last, but, if I were her, it wouldn't be too much longer.

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