10 Guys Reveal Their Unfiltered Thoughts About The Size Of Your Areolas

"I’ll take a dime-shaped hard one over a flat silver dollar anytime."

"I’ll take a dime-shaped hard one over a flat silver dollar anytime." weheartit

While we're getting ready for a sexy date, many of us choose a bra and a dress that really show off our cleavage. But if all goes well, at some point those clothes are going to come off, and we wonder how our date will feel about what is waiting beneath. Or, at least, that's what we believe.

Ultimately, guys aren't sure it matters all that much compared to other body considerations.

"Frankly doesn't really matter to me the size around the nipple, but I guess if there is a preference, not huge or wide areolas," one anonymous source shares. "But I do like some as I like to tease around the nipple with my fingers, tongue, and lips, so that does make it easier to find some sensitive spots."


So, big enough to have a target to hit. Got it.

The great thing about areolas (and boobs in general) is that everyone is different and you don't know what to expect until the bra comes off. Here's what men had to say about nipples and areolas.

1. The more erect, the better.

"I like them all, but a longer erect nipple is what I most enjoy — something to get in your mouth and play with. Inverted nipples are sometimes a challenge, but I found that doesn't indicate your nipples aren't sensitive. I love if a woman can orgasm solely from nipple stimulation, whether the nipples are large, small, erect, or inverted."


2. All areolas are wonderful.

"All nipples are wondrous things to be enjoyed. If you have large areolas I will tease them until the goose flesh stands up with a beautiful braille that I will endeavor to interpret. If you have a small areola then I will latch on and do my best to send waves of pleasure and pain up your spine."

3. Hard nipples are best.



"I’ll take a dime-shaped hard one over a flat silver dollar anytime."

4. I prefer a mouthful.

"As long as they are not as big as a blue corn tortilla chip, it's all good."

5. It's super-hot if they look like pancakes.

"They come in all sizes and colors. Some people have preferences. I just like pancakes."

6. Any shape and size is good.



"It's all good unless there's something disproportionate or that I've never seen before. Obviously, personal preferences, but beyond that..."

7. I just love boobs.

"As much as I can visualize what I would ideally like a nipple and areola to look like, at the end of the day, if I've got boobs in my mouth I'm not looking at the size and shape of your areola. I'm just excited I've got a handful/mouthful of titties!"

8. Everything should even out.

"I love them not too big, and for some reason really symmetric. I like looking at them like I look at art. Worst case scenario: maybe plastic surgery?"


9. Nature is nature.


"Like the vagina, you take the breasts you've got. Small is cuter, though."

10. That's not something that matters.

"I guess smaller ones are cute and bigger ones seem stretched out. But not even the size of her vagina matters to me. It's the person inside. Is she nice? Is she mean? Is she loyal? Is she gentle? Is she tolerant of my quirks? Is she easily upset over nothing? These are the things that matter."