We Asked Men What They REALLY Think About Women Who DON'T Swallow

Well, they didn't keep much to the imagination.

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We're at our most vulnerable when giving and receiving oral sex. While it's a position of power — someone is putting their pleasure completely in your hands — it's also putting the recipient on a sort of display.

They know the moment is all about them, but they also know that means all attention is on them and what happens or doesn't happen. And so, when someone is blowing them and they don't swallow, then it calls into question a lot of factors about what just happened.


Why didn't she swallow? Is it a reflection on the guy? What just went down? Or is it about her?

"There are lines that people can and should draw, but this one triggers red flags. If you're not willing to swallow, what else are you not willing to do?" offered one man. Fair point.

So, what do guys think when you are blowing them and then not swallowing? Some are OK with it. Some are very much not OK. And others are happy you are blowing them at all and do not judge. Either way, they are absolutely noticing and they have a lot of thoughts on the matter.

1. Just don't be rude.

"That's fine, but please don't make it a big deal (e.g., Like mumbling 'What do you want me to do with this?' or making a huge wet spot on the bed.)"


2. It doesn't turn me off.

"If a girl doesn't swallow I would fully respect that; it would not adversely affect the relationship in any way. I would ask why and it could have been a bad experience or perhaps the guy had bad tasting [sperm]. There could be many factors, but it wouldn't be a deciding factor whether to continue in a relationship or that it has not been a fully enjoyable sexual experience."

3. It's an ego thing.



"There is a little bit of a strange feeling when you finish and you watch a girl not swallow. If she thinks she is better than that, I don't know if I wanted to finish in her mouth in the first place."

4. It makes me think about how I taste.

"Some don't like the taste. This is why I eat pineapple and drink OJ. "

5. Reciprocation is important.

"We’re in this to please each other. I mean, I’m not going to fry an egg on your assh*le, but I will lick it if you like it. So, reciprocate, please."

6. It makes me feel like she didn't enjoy it.



"Well, you got the job done but probably didn't enjoy it as much as I did. At least, that's what it seems like to me when you spit afterward."

7. It proves she's not really in the moment.

"Not every blowjob leads to completion, so even if swallowing is a little unpleasant, just go for it occasionally. If it's a particular performance and going to be all porny with the facial, then that could work. But really if you're in it, be in it."

8. It shouldn't matter all that much.



"Guys, you should be happy you've met someone who will go down on you. If a girl doesn't want to swallow, that's their thing. At that point, if that's the one thing she won't do, it's not so bad."

9. Men just want to know that you care.

"When it comes to oral, your job ends when your partner orgasms. You've signed up for tricking semen into coming out, not to find it a new home. That said, a little bit of post-game appreciation for his tip, whether orally or manually, goes a very, very long way."