We Asked Men What They REALLY Think About Licking Your Butthole

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When it comes to sex, there's some ground we're pretty comfortable with... and then there's that frontier we just keep dancing around. The ass is often that place we're not sure we really want to go, and yet somehow it always seems to just be there.

So, when guys are going downtown, do they want to go there? We know they are OK with licking our lady parts as that's pretty common territory. But how do they feel about analingus?

We asked a bunch of men how they felt about this topic and we got some pretty varied answers. 

Some will do it if it's for the right girl. Others say it's not something they will do with every hookup but might try if they really like you or are trying to impress you. Others will, with a caveat, try it in the shower or if they know you did a lot of pre-prep to be neat and tidy for them.

Sure, it's controversial and some want to stay far, far away. But turn-about is fair play, too. Let them do it for you and you may end up doing it to them next. Here's what men really think about licking your ass.

1. It's great as long as she is clean.

"There are certain elements that both my partner and I have in place before any ass play. The number one is a clean ass! We always shower and have any bowel movements prior to the shower. There is something about whether it's anal sex, inserting fingers, or licking the ass that is under the 'forbidden fruit' category for some people. Teasing of other body parts and light caresses around the anus will make someone more comfortable and ready for it."

2. I'd only do it on the right woman.

"Only for a very special woman, as this isn't a normal activity for me, and I would want you to be freshly and thoroughly washed."

3. It's definitely not for me.


"I am not big on matters anal anyhow, but I guess it is a turn-on for some people."

4. It's fun in the shower only.

"The girl has to be clean and I enjoy this more in the shower."

5. It's the best part of foreplay.

"Well, I must say I thoroughly enjoy this part of foreplay. A lot of preparation goes into making sure the box is free of clutter and I will never turn anyone away. But I'm also respectful if it's not your thing."

6. As long as she preps beforehand...


"Let’s face it: it’s an ass. For the benefit of both, I would need to be one hundred percent certain that it would be pleasurable. It’s better when it’s not part of a routine; rather, a hot surprise between lovers."

7. It shows that you're open to exploring.

"Hey, if my face is already down there, all bets are off. This also makes for a good opportunity for you to indicate if you're open to more backdoor play."

8. I avoid ass play altogether.

"Germs. Gross. Stinky, too."

9. Whenever I do it, she always calls back.


"Well, this is the new trend and all the cool kids are doing it. And that had to be the best way to make sure she calls back again. It never fails and it's very unexpected."

10. She better kiss me afterward.

"I think I've been drunk every experience but it's a taboo that's only like an inch-and-a-half away from something you'd be doing normally. If she likes it and is willing to guarantee a minimum level of hygiene, I'm not gonna complain. Pretty weak though if she isn't willing to kiss you afterward."