The 6 Most Irresistible Zodiac Signs You Just Can't Get Off Your Mind

Are you one of them?

The 6 Most Irresistible Zodiac Signs You Just Can't Get Off Your Mind getty

It's scary making yourself vulnerable. You never know, after all, if the person that you're crushing on is feeling the same way.

We're part of a generation that says whatever it takes to get our own needs met; we're part of an ambiguous gray area, where we never truly say how we feel; we swipe left and right, trying to figure it all out.

What if there's nothing truly to figure out? What if the text that went unanswered is just that: a sign of 'not interested'?


I know it hurts, and I know that we want to believe that he was busy, just forgot, and now he's coming back to apologize.

But the truth is, when we're excited about someone, we don't just 'forget' — and if we do, we answer within the hour. And we don't leave the person hanging until we decide that we're bored, or lonely, or need a second choice. Because NO ONE deserves to be second choice.

Maybe you feel like all the effort that you put in is wearing you out and isn't always worth it. And the truth is, it's not. The right person will require effort, but not to the point of exhaustion, because frankly, it won't be a one-way street.


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It's normal not to forget, say, a first love, a really awesome date that never panned out, or a fling that made you love and simultaneously forget about life. But while all of this is normal, it isn't healthy to pine over the unattainable, which is why it might be a smart idea to reassess the personality types of these people that make it hard to move on.

Some people, though, don't realize how irresistible (and unforgettable) they truly are. Whether they've been this obsession-worthy from birth, or whether it was learned over time, believe it or not, their zodiac sign could also have something to do with it. 

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If you're dating one of the zodiac signs below (or if you ARE one of them), make sure you know what comes with the territory. Just because someone is seductive and completely irresistible doesn't mean they're not loyal, awesome people; it just means that you might be predisposed to attracting others, which can make love and the beginnings of relationships pretty damn complicated. 

It's important to remember - no matter what side of things you're on - that it takes two to make a successful relationship work, so make sure if a person isn't all that crazy about you, you don't even give them the time of day. Because you deserve to be first choice - no matter how irresistible someone may be.

Aries (March 21 - April 19):


You, Aries, are an alpha type; you love to take charge of situations, using your leadership skills in every area that you can get your hands on. This makes you extremely attractive to others and also makes you likely to confidently approach other people.

You also have passion, which shows through in pretty much everything that you take on. Your competitive side could go both ways, though; it could make you seductive, but it could also make you come off as cocky, so make sure to keep it at bay. Keep the competition healthy. 

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Cancer (June 21 - July 22):

Your sensitivity and intuitive personality make it likely that people rely on you for pretty much everything, especially when it comes down to emotional issues. This makes you attractive, Cancer, but be careful that people know your limits.

Keep sympathizing, but don't get too attached to others, because not everybody has the same beauty and compassion that you do. Keep an open mind and you'll continue to benefit from your attractive self.

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Leo (July 23 - August 22):

Your leadership abilities are quite seductive. You're irresistible... and you have a flair for drama. This makes you appealing to others; they might have a hard time getting you off their mind, Leo.

Tone down the drama, though, because even though it's charming and interesting at first, it gets old if you're constantly making a big deal out of every little thing. Remember to focus on the important things in life. 

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Virgo (August 23 - September 22):

You're sweet and you're loyal, Virgo. This is probably your best asset; it's refreshing to meet someone that's genuinely nice and real. You also work your way to the top in an honest, methodical way, looking at things practically.

Overcome your shyness, because you have to know that confidence will take you even further. You're already ahead of many, as you're widely loved and wanted. Do stay humble, though.

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Scorpio (October 23 - November 21):

You don't just go through the motions, Scorpio; you truly put yourself out there and live in each moment. You say things as you see them and you really feel, truly embrace every emotion.

The thing that makes you most attractive, Scorpio, is your ability to dedicate yourself fully to what you commit to.

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Sagittarius (November 22 - December 21):

You're a people person -- an extrovert and always spreading positive energy around to others. The best part of your personality, Sagittarius, is your ability to make others feel important and like everything's gonna be okay.

Keep believing it, despite life's obstacles, and admiration will continue to surround you. No need for validation, but it never hurts, right? Stay curious, keep learning, and you'll continue to seduce.

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