The 17 Most Romantic "Kiss Spots" Around The World

What's better than traveling with (& KISSING) your best friend?

Good Kiss Spot Romantic Kissing Locations

There are times that are going to prompt you to reconsider your path in life. In this moment, travel is your best friend; in a way, you might be running away from your problems, but in another light, you might gain some insight and come across major revelations.

These instances will change your life, and if you have a partner, you're left with an even better excuse to travel: to experience and discover the world together and to strengthen (or test) your relationship.


There are all these romantic movies that we see; beautiful backdrops, beautiful actors. Sometimes, we want the mountainous backdrop or the riverside declarations of love seen in The Notebook. Well, if you take a look at our suggestions, you and your beau can have these movie-like moments too.

Whoever said movies are fantasy? EVERYONE loves a good makeout session.


You gain a lot of perspective from the very moving experiences you encounter along your travels ... you learn to appreciate what you have and to see the beauty in nature. You focus on the simple things in life.

Whether you like to hike or you like to sail, there are so many things to see.

From Australia to Spain to London  or, if you prefer to stay within the continental United States, you can't go wrong with Colorado  there are moments to be lived and pictures to be taken.


There are wonderful people to meet and beautiful sunrises to be seen. And you will find romance and lovely spots to kiss your S.O. in the unlikeliest of places.

So doesn't traveling around the world with the person you love sound romantic?

What sounds even more romantic is the idea of kissing your significant other in the specific spots that we have compiled below from around the world, inspired by the mysterious 0707 sticker art movement, which started in 2012 as a way to "transform the urban area, the urban spaces and break through the common social behaviour". 


Maybe you are looking to spice up your romance, make up for a lack of quality time, or perhaps you are simply looking to get out there and see the world.

We don't all get the opportunity to study abroad in college, right? Consider these places for when a lackluster routine just WON'T do.

Here are 17 of the most romantic "good kiss spots" around the world:


1. Eiffel Tower, Paris France


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2. Arc De Triomphe, Paris, France

3. La Sagrada, Barcelona, Spain


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4. Black Bridge Winery, Paonia, Colorado

  5. License Plate Wall, Morrison, Colorado


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    6. Central Park, New York, New York


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  7. East River, New York, New York



8. Willis Tower, Chicago, Illinois


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  9. Hawaii


10. Magic Kingdom, Orlando, Florida

11. Lake Tekapo, New Zealand


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  12. Aruba

  13. Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco, California


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    14. Elkhart Lake, Sheboygan County, Wisconsin


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  15. Topsmead State Forest, Litchfield, Connecticut



16. Club Med, Bali, Indonesia


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17. City Hall, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


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