The World's Most Desirable Face Looks Like This, According To Plastic Surgeons

Photo: telegraph.co.uk
most desirable face


As if the world doesn’t make us feel bad enough about the way we look, there is now a picture out there to make us feel even worse:

Photo: Telegraph.co.uk

However, before you get too down on yourself, the woman in the photo with the most desirable face doesn’t actually exist. The composite image was created from over 1,000 requests made to plastic surgeon Dr. Julian De Silva to determine the most desirable face.

The London-based surgeon has kept track of requests over the past 10 years and many of them resemble features of famous celebrities. In fact, Dr. Silva says that a huge majority of his patients come into the office with a picture of a well-known person and say that they “want to look like this.”

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He says that it’s often a challenge to determine whether or not a certain celebrity feature will actually look good on the face of his patients. However, characteristics like eyelid shape or a nose tend to work well with most face proportions. Luckily, though, the doctor says that most patients are realistic with their wants and know that a nose like Kate Middleton’s won’t exactly make them look like her.

The requests he gets usually make sense because the desired features tend to be mathematically desirable. He says that Kate Middleton’s nose is almost perfect mathematically as it has a 106-degree tip rotation, which is an angle that people find most attractive according to research.

After gathering up all of his requests and making a realistic photo out of them, he concluded that the most desired features were the following:

1. Jenifer Lopez's eyebrows


2. Keira Knightley's eyes


3. Kate Middleton’s nose


4. Penelope Cruz's lips


5. Cher's jaw line


6. Miley Cyrus's forehead


7. Angelina Jolie's cheeks


8. Reese Witherspoon's skin


9. Selena Gomez's chin


While the girl in the composite picture is the combination of all these traits, it doesn’t mean that she is ideal to everyone. So, take the photo with a grain of salt and learn to love your face just the way it is.