If You Do These 10 Things, It's NO Surprise You're Still Single

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10 Dating Mistakes That Are Keeping You Single

By Celia Fernandez

People, pay attention! We all know that we've had that moment where we have questioned our ourselves in our love life so we're about to school you on all the ways you're being pendeja.

Get ready to have your mind blown by these dating mistakes as you reevaluate your whole life.

1. Paying on dates. 

As much it's great to feel like the one in charge who can pay your way through anything, if someone asks you out on a date, then they should be the one to pay. To avoid even going for the courtesy reach, just don't bring your wallet.

2. Going back to the one that wronged you. 

If your partner plays you and shows you their true colors, then it's time for you to keep it moving and not look back. They are never going to change so you need to lose the hope you have for them.

3. Drunk texting your ex. 

If you wouldn't do it sober then don't do it drunk. It's thirsty and we all got enough water to drink!

4. Thinking you're not a bad bitch

You have to be your #1 cheerleader so dejate de pendeja and make sure you know your worth.

5. Not sticking up for yourself. 

Because you have to be your #1, it's important to make your opinion heard and not let anyone mute your voice.

6. Not staying true to yourself. 

Nobody should want to change you and you shouldn't change for anybody. Don't be that person that switches it up for anyone because that's just not cute.

7. You're about that Internet stalking life. 

If you wouldn't stalk anyone in real life, why would you think it's okay to stalk someone online?

8. Traveling for someone who hasn't put in the work.

When you're starting to date someone, it's important to make them put in the work. If they haven't then don't go out of your way for that mofo.

9. You keep settling. 

If you can't settle for the amount of money in your bank account, then you shouldn't settle for anyone. Know your worth, boo!

10. You stay getting ahead of yourself. 

Don't be that person that just because your crush winked at you, it automatically means the two of you are soulmates and running into the sunset together.

This article was originally published at Latina. Reprinted with permission from the author.