Here's What Happens When You Give 12 Artists Vibrators To Transform

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Vibrators aren't exactly known for being high art. 

Sex toys are capable of getting you off in minutes flat, sure. But the idea of them also doubling as something you'd pay top dollar to look at appreciatively while stroking your chin in a museum or gallery in addition to giving you FIRE orgasms seems a bit far-fetched to me. 

Not so for the fine people at Motorbunny. 

What's a Motorbunny? I'm so glad you asked. 

Motorbunny is a vibrator and dildo for men and women. It's basically a teeny, tiny bucking bronco of a sex toy repurposed for your orgasm needs.

Want an orgasm like no other? Hop on top of a Motorbunny and let its powerful engine drive you all the way to pleasure country. 

Or at least, so I have been told. Much though I might wish otherwise I haven't had the chance to try the Motorbunny or any other Sybian vibrator for that matter. 

It's hard to find the dollars not to mention the space required to make one of these massive sex toys your own. 

Motorbunny doesn't seem content to stop their work at giving people rock 'em sock 'em orgasms (lol, made myself chortle). 

That's why they invited artists to use their vibrators to create innovative works of art that have nothing (or everything) to do with sex. 

You heard me right: the company is encouraging vibrator art. 

“We invited 12 artists to share their vision and imagination, and they created truly inspiring works of art that show a whole new side of Motorbunny. We encourage our customers to experiment, and we hope this project reminds them that the opportunities for sexually creative experiences are limitless when you ‘hop on’ a Motorbunny," says brand consultant Craig Mewbourne.

I've got to admit, some of the photographs of these art projects were, well, rather haunting. It's cool that they found a new way to get publicity for their product and that they are helping new artists get the exposure they need, as a starving artist myself that's something I can fully support. 

That said, there are some things I just don't ever want to think about when I'm masturbating, and Barbie dolls and scary monsters with sharp teeth are definitely two of those things. 

I mean, I'll be real. I love my Hitachi magic wand, but that's because it's an excellent vibrator. 

I don't need it to be anything more than that. 

Frankly, if I walked into a museum and a bunch of artists had done different projects featuring said Magic Wand, I'd be despondent.

"What a waste of a good sex toy!" I can hear myself proclaiming before they remove me from the premises. 

I'm all about subverting the norm and talking about sex loud and proud but dude, let a vibrator be a vibrator. 

Twirl-A-Girl from Danielle Georgiou on Vimeo.

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