S-E-X-Y! 14 Stunning Pieces Of Jewelry That Secretly Double As Sex Toys

sex toy jewelry

Pretty AND kinky.

I am someone who is very shy when it comes to talking about sex in public. I get all red-faced, my fingers start to fidget, and I just become generally uncomfortable.

It's probably because I was brought up to never talk about sex — like, EVER. But I'm thirty-four now; you would think I'd get over it, but I'm not. That doesn't mean I don't like sex, though. Sex of ALL varieties — up, down, all around, inside, outside, kinky, and dirty — I can get with it.

But the standard sex toys can get boring, am I right? Plus, it’s a pain in the ass (ha!) to actually find a sex shop that’s fun to be in.

You go into a dark, secluded store tucked away on the side of a highway, blinking lights half broken showing the name of the sex shop, and you’re probably holding your head low, just in case you see someone you know.

But when you walk in, it all seems... dirty. There are dildos and vibrators and anal lube hanging from end caps like you’re shopping for school supplies at Target. And then, of course, there’s the guy reading comic book porn at the counter watching you as browse. (Not that that’s ever happened to me, of course. Nope, never.)

So low and behold, as I perused the wonderful world of Google, I happened upon a site called UnboundBox.

Unbound Box is a subscription box service that, once every 3 months, delivers sex toys and sex toy jewelry discreetly to your door. Or you can just shop around like I did where you will find the most amazing, sex-positive items.

I've curated a list of my personal favorite items from the site, most of which are sex toy jewelry (jewelry that doubles as sex toys). Come on, now. It's freakin' genius and sexy and wonderful. Enjoy!

1. Cleo Snake Nipple Clamps
Photo: UnboundBox

Necklace? Yes! Nipple Clamps? YES! What more could you want?

Buy now at Unbound for $117

2. Cleo Tickler Ring
Photo: UnboundBox

This ring is a fashion statement and a sex toy all in one.

Buy now at Unbound for $49

3. Twiggy Venus Earrings
Photo: UnboundBox

OK, so these aren't a sex toy, but they're fabulous and we love them anyway.

Buy now at Unbound for $25

4. Cleo Whip Choker
Photo: UnboundBox

Surprise your man and whip this out when he least expects it.

Buy now at Unbound for $69

5. Twiggy Ice Cream Cone Lube Vial
Photo: UnboundBox

Always be prepared with some lube and carry it discreetly in this ice cream cone keychain.

Buy now at Unbound for $55

6. Twiggy Cock Ring Bracelet
Photo: UnboundBox

You will always have something to spice things up with this bracelet that turns into a cock ring.

Buy now at Unbound for $37

7. Cleo Nipple Clamp Earrings
Photo: UnboundBox

These earrings make a statement while also being covert nipple clamps.

Buy now at Unbound for $54

8. Magnifique Whip Necklace
Photo: UnboundBox

This necklace doesn't even look kinky at first glance, but oh, it is.

Buy now at Unbound for $30

9. Magnifique Metallic Waist Chain
Photo: UnboundBox

Give your ass a little makeover with this gorgeous chain design.

Buy now at Unbound for $30

10. Choker with Leash
Photo: UnboundBox

Act out your fantasies with this choker and leash set.

Buy now at Unbound for $50

11. Amelia Nipple Clamp Earrings
Photo: UnboundBox

These look fierce while also acting as nipple clamps.

Buy now at Unbound for $53

12. Vesper Vibrator Necklace
Photo: UnboundBox

This necklace is also a vibrator with FOUR different speeds!

Buy now at Unbound for $149

13. Desir Metallique Handcuffs
Photo: UnboundBox

These mesh handcuffs can also be used as a bracelet. We are DIGGING it.

Buy now at Unbound for $22

14. Boob Ring
Photo: UnboundBox

Last but not least, my personal favorite, the boob ring.

Buy now at Unbound for $55