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7 Women Reveal What It Was REALLY Like To Experience Orgasmic Birth

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Women who Experienced Orgasmic Birth

I believe this year is a turning point in understanding the power, pleasure and ecstasy that is available in childbirth for both Mother and Baby.

Dr. Sarah Buckley has published her landmark report on the hormones of childbirth, the ways they are released with ease and the procedures and interventions that disturb their natural flow. I learned about Dr. Sarah Buckley’s work many years ago when I first read her article "Ecstatic Birth: Nature’s Hormonal Blue Print for Labour."

I was even more thrilled when I met her and since have had the opportunity to have her join us in Bali, in Italy and, last year, to host her at my home in NJ. Each time I hear her talk about hormones in birth and how the hormones are released and create an orgasmic, blissful, ecstatic feeling, I know that one day every person will understand the essential connection between why our emotions, where and with whom we birth matters so much in helping us to create the ideal environment to release the hormones of childbirth and birth in orgasmic ecstasy and love.

While you know I love the science behind how and why our hormones work best including needing safety, privacy and being undisturbed, the best confirmation of our hormones working well is in listening to women who have had blissful, joyful, orgasmic birth.

Liybie used hypnobirth. Emma rode the birth waves for her transformative birth. Shiraz brought herself to orgasm for her birth and Eva didn’t even try! When asked if these women had an orgasmic birth, here is what they had to say.

1. Giving birth felt like falling in love.

“With both my kids I had a natural childbirth and I had this feeling beyond description, like real, true, pure love. I can’t think of a way to put it into words but I think it was meant to be that way. I think it's meant to connect us with our children.” —Kristina Cuddeback in response to a Women’s Rights News post

2. Orgasmic birth is completely possible.


"Do any of you know anything about your own bodies? Women use the same muscles to orgasm that are used in childbirth. Combine that with all the oxytocin that is being produced and a little bit love and affection from your partner and it is completely possible.” —Jaden Fitzherbert also in response to a Women's Rights News post

3. Childbirth was an amazing experience.

“I had an orgasmic birth. It was in a hospital environment without my partner who was more terrified to see me suffer so chose to stay outside. It was in France with a midwife trained in Ayurveda, homeopathic methods. It was the most wonderful experience. I wish the fear imbued in young women was removed as birth can become a less fretful, natural process if we demystify the subject.

I had a scalp massage, a birth canal massage to reduce risk of tearing, and was told where to touch my temples to reduce pain if I felt it. I had a particular diet and bathing routine, everything my Australian mom would never discuss. I have spoken to other women who have also had my experience but fear speaking aloud of the sheer bliss it can be!” —Frangipani in response to an Essential Baby blog

4. It was much less scary than natural childbirth.


“It’s really not surprising that people are so reluctant to believe a pain-free, let alone orgasmic birthing experience is possible. We in the West have built up such a culture of fear around birth that most women immediately have expectations of unbearable pain, hysterics in the delivery room and screaming bloody murder for the epi. This, combined with the majority birthing in hospitals, means most women’s journey is full of interventions and medication.

Hard to have an orgasmic or simply pleasurable birth when you can’t feel anything from the waist down or are in a foggy pethidine haze. Educate yourselves, ladies — there is a whole other birthing experience out there if you seek knowledge from natural birthing advocates and redefine your birthing expectations. Anything is possible!” —Boatie also in response to an Essential Baby blog

5. It was a truly mind-blowing moment.

“I had an orgasmic birth with my first baby. A natural birth with my family around me for support and encouragement to sink into the pain and let my body take over. A midwife who let me be and just took a watching brief so that time could pass. It was truly the most mind-blowing experience of my life but I haven’t talked about it. The second birth... no orgasm. Still a natural birth but much faster as my body knew what to do.” —Amanda in response to an Essential Baby blog

6. I found that my body can do incredible things.


“It happened to me with my first but it was not something I was expecting to happen. I prepared for a natural birth and had a supportive partner, which really enabled me to relax completely during labor. I’d have to say the ‘pain’ was minimal and there was no ‘pushing’ involved in the delivery — my body did it all by itself." —Boatie

7. I experienced an intense feeling

"I had never heard of this until I read this article and it now affirms that it was not a figment of my imagination. The feeling happened when the baby passed through the birth canal. This is the first time since this happened that I have acknowledged this because it was never discussed; this did not happen during the birth of my second and third child and I didn’t think about it because you are intent on giving birth not looking for an orgasm. So, let's look at this as a scientific phenomenon, not something to make cheap jokes about." —Anne-claire Souza in response to Huff Post blog


Debra Pascali-Bonaro is a Lamaze International childbirth educator, birth and postpartum doula trainer with DONA International, Director of the award-winning documentary Orgasmic Birth: The Best-Kept Secret and co-writer of “Orgasmic Birth: Your Guide to a Safe, Satisfying and Pleasurable Birth” and the Founder & President of the revolutionary online childbirth class Pain to Power, which prepares expectant mothers, fathers, and partners to be positively prepared for birth and focuses on the intimate and sacred nature of birth.

This article was originally published at Orgasmic Birth. Reprinted with permission from the author.