5 Reasons Chubby Girls Make The Best Girlfriends (And Wives!)

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5 Reasons Chubby Girls Make The BEST Girlfriends (And Wives!

It doesn't matter if you're fat. It doesn't matter if you're thin. It doesn't matter if you're white. It doesn't matter if you're black. When it comes to how we look, nothing about appearances make us unworthy of great love, awesome sex, and the respect of our peers. 


Fat girls, we got zero reason not to have ALL of the self-esteem that there is. 

I say this a lot. If it weren't quite so long I might get it put on a T-shirt. 

I say this a lot because I am a fat woman, I am a chubby woman, and I have spent a fair portion of my time on Earth trying to explain these facts to myself. Most of the time I believe them. Some of the time I don't. 

If you're a chubby girl, and you're having one of those days where your self-esteem isn't up to snuff, I want you to know you so aren't alone, and also that you're awesome.

But more than that, I want to share 5 reasons why you make the best damn girlfriend around. 

1. Chubby girls are strong. 


Emotionally, physically, we've got it going on.

When you grow up having a body that isn't the norm of what's "acceptable," there are going to be a lot of people who are going to tease you, clothing chains that are going to make you feel like you don't belong, and shallow guys who reject you not because you aren't hot, but because they care too much what other people think.

Living this kind of life makes every chubby woman the epitome of actualized confidence! It makes us all warriors, and don't you want a warrior by your side? 

2. Chubby girls are funny. 


So women use their humor as armor to protect them from the pain of being mocked for being chubby, but for the most part, chubby women are funny because we know what matters in life, and isn't the numbers on the scale.

We don't let your skewed idea of body image get us down. 

We're quick to laugh, eager for adventures, and have no time for wasting our energies on things that are going to bring us down. 

3. Chubby girls are all curves.


Every type of body is beautiful in its own unique way.

What makes a chubby girl beautiful? Her soft and ample curves. 

From the slope of my shoulders to the curve of my breasts, to the gentle glide of my hips, I am a chubby woman and my curves make me like a real life Jessica Rabbit. What dude in his right mind wouldn't want her walking by his side and keeping his bed warm at night? Also his penis warm. Just sayin'. 

4. Chubby girls are deep. 


When you live life chubby, you know that appearances are just one part of a greater whole.

If you make a chubby girl your GF, you'll find that she's not just into you for your hot bod, she's into you for hopes, your goals, your dreams, and ambitions. 

Chubby girls aren't shallow. We dream big, we love ourselves, and we want someone by our sides whose dreams are just as expansive as our own. 

5. Chubby girls are good in bed. 


We've saved the best for last ...

When it comes to time to having sex, chubby women get MORE of an endorphin release, the chemical that makes sex feel AMAZING, than girls who aren't quite so ample.

That's right, we're better at sex because frankly, we're biochemically designed to like it more! 

And science is on our side. Researchers at St. Andrew's found that men prefer a chubbier woman in the bedroom over a woman who doesn't have quite as much to love.