4 Unusual-But-SCARY Narcissistic Traits (That Often Go Unnoticed)

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narcissistic traits
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These are under-reported and often unnoticed until it is too late.

The internet seems, particularly since Trump's election, to be flooded with articles about narcissism, narcissistic abuse and narcissists' manipulation tactics. After several personal encounters with narcissists, I would like to share some of the more unusual narcissistic traits I have observed in people with the destructive personality disorder.

1. They have a voice that doesn't quite "fit."


Unusual as it sounds, narcissists often have a voice which doesn't quite seem natural. This is because they speak to create an impression, rather than to communicate, and quite often they don't quite pull it off. It is not unusual for a narcissist to speak in an incongruously posh way whilst in certain company, or to change his/her accent dependent on their company.

2. They have a perfect smile.

Unfortunately for members of the opposite sex, narcissists often tend to have extremely photogenic, attractive smiles. Well, wouldn't anybody if they practiced it all day long in the mirror? The lack of genuineness in a narcissist's smile can be very picture-friendly; however, it is never truly beautiful.

There is something unsettling about the way in which a narcissist's smile sits, quite Cheshire cat-like, when there is nothing really to be beaming about.

3. Their eyes are incredibly intense.


Another trait which can, unfortunately, be considered attractive is the narcissist's seemingly deep, focused stare. This can be mistaken for a seductive gaze, depth of thought or even deep emotion. However, when a narcissist looks deeply into your eyes, the only thing they are gaining delight from is how they appear to you.

4. They have encyclopedic knowledge.

Also adding to narcissists' "wonderful" personas is the way in which they seem to know something about everything. This is partly because they have the capacity to remember information due to the lack of time they spend in building meaningful relationships, and partly because they have no qualms at all about bullsh*tting you.

If the information they are providing you with is incorrect, they will never admit to their fault. And God help you if you call them on it.

It is difficult to admit that somebody you have known, trusted and perhaps even loved is a narcissist, but if you have reason to suspect it then there is likely something in that.

These four narcissistic traits are not the sole signs you should look for when detecting a narcissist. But if they share signs of an emotionally abusive relationship, it is time to call closure. Please let these traits act as potential warnings for toxicity and allow yourself to be aware, informed and in control.