QUIZ: Find Out Your Emotional Age Based On The Way You See

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emotional age test

When you take this personality test you will be able to see what the emotional age you truly belong to based on which color you claim the brightest out of two different answers.

There is only one correct answer and that is entirely dependent on the way you see which color is darker and which is the lightest. The test consists of looking at a variety of shades of red, blue, and yellow.

The more you answer truthfully, the more accurately the emotional age test will be able to define you. Plus, the whole point of this is to have fun, so begin the test whenever you are ready and good luck.

After you take the test, here are some possible outcomes from your results:

If your emotional age is 10 years old...

This is such a fragile stage for you right now with the world. Family and friends are the things that are important to you the most when it comes to priorities.

Even though you are limited to some things, you still make good use of a bad situation. You still try to express yourself to being independent since you are still looking for something adventurous. Your optimism is one of your greatest strengths!

If your emotional age is 30 years old...

You are a well-traveled individual who likes to hold their head up high, always looking towards the future, and welcoming any opportunity that finds its way to you. With your emotional age, you have gained a vast amount of wisdom during your time on earth.

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You still hunger for more regardless of what you know already. Even though you are a free spirit, you will always come home to your loved ones when you become too homesick.

If your emotional age is 50 years old...

You are a very old soul that has become stronger with the passing years of your growing legacy. Everyone can see the greatness in you and all that you have accomplished this far with your journeys and understanding for the world around you.

You always try to look at more than just one point of view and do your best to expand the views of others as well. You inspire more and more people every day to do the right thing, not just for themselves, but for everyone else that they care for.

What are you waiting for? Take the test below:


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This article was originally published at Higher Perspective. Reprinted with permission from the author.