7 Toys You NEED To Buy For The Best Anal Play Of Your Life

Bottoms up!

anal sex toys Adam and Eve 

Anal sex

The final frontier. 

These are the voyages of the starship Booty Prize. 

Our mission?

To seek out new erogenous zones, and new strange bodily sounds. 

To boldly go where only some people (and poop) have gone before.

Just call me Captain Stokes and imagine I'm wearing I'm speaking with an English accent and wearing a bald cap. 

It'll be better that way, trust me. 

Anal sex is like Mount Everest. 


People can't explain why they want to try it, but it's there, and so they must risk life and limb to reach the summit. 

In the process, some of these people discover that anal sex isn't for them.

Others, however, discover that they love it and that their first climb won't be their last. 

Sex-speaking, I mean. 

I've put together a list of 7 essentials for people who are passionate about finding the BEST anal sex toys for their journey. And their orgasms

Finding the best sex toys for you can make you feel like Cinderella. 

Only, this list includes lube, so you won't need to worry about that proverbial glass slipper causing you any bother.


Anal sex isn't for everyone, but if you're curious, these 7 anal sex must-haves are a great way to get started. 

Captain Stokes, out! 

1Rump Shakers Vibrating Butt Plug

anal sex toys Adam and Eve 

If you really want to most bang for your buck, this smaller sized butt plug is a great idea.

The black color makes anal sex less cringeworthy, and the gentle vibrations will encourage orgasm in a major way.

Adam and Eve, $27.95


2Ass-Gasm Penis Ring Plug

anal sex toys Adam and Eve 

Oh my god. You guys. Butt plugs aren't just for you, and they aren't just for gay men, let's nip that stereotype in the butt right now (sorry not sorry).

This dual prostate stimulator and cock ring will make him orgasm like never before. Talk about a whole new world! 

Adam and Eve, $22.95


3Foxxxy Fox Tail Glass Anal Plug

anal sex toys Adam and Eve 

This 4" glass butt plug is a great way to play with temperature in your anal play.

Warm it or chill it and then let your wild animal side shine! 

Adam and Eve, $39.95


4Booty Call Anal Numbing Gel

anal sex toys Adam and Eve 

If you are nervous about the pain that comes with starting out anal sex, do a shot of tequila.

If you're still stressed, make sure you're nice and lubed up AND that you use this super popular butt-numbing cream. You can't have enough of the stuff. 

Adam and Eve, $14.95

5Naughty Candy Heart Butt Plug

Anal Sex Toys Adam and Eve 

These cute little beginner butt plugs are the perfect way to celebrate Valentine's day with anal sex!

They come stamped with a cute little message of love and devotion. And let's be real, nothing says love like butt sex. 

Adam and Eve, $17.95


6Pillar Glass Butt Plug

anal sex toys Adam and Eve 

Okay. This is a bigg'un and I know this, but guys, I've included this thick, solid, glass ass dildo as an aspirational object. Or rather...ASS-pirational.

It is thicker than the average butt toy by far, those who love this pillar swear by it. 

Adam and Eve, $44.95

7My 1st Anal Explorer Kit

anal sex toys Adam and Eve 

Guys guys guys, much as the giant-ass glass pillar is ideal for advanced butt sex lovers, this training kit is a MUST if you are intrigued enough about anal sex to want to check it out for yourself. If even the smaller butt plugs freak you out, this tiny anal explorer can ease you in with aplomb! 

Adam and Eve, $29.95