Real Guys Admit Their True Feelings About Kissing After Blowjobs

Pucker up.

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When it comes to the penis, men are weird creatures. They like having it touched, and we all know that they love blowjobs.

But when you try and commence kissing after oral for the first time, it's always a little nerve-wracking.

Why? Well, because not every guy is into tasting his penis on your lips when you kiss. Even if he did just get a blowjob from you.

Some guys want you to take a sip of water, some guys actually want you to go and brush your teeth before they consider kissing after oral. Other guys don't seem to care much at all, and other men seem to find the idea that you wouldn't kiss a woman after she gave you a blowjob outrageous.


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There will always be that moment of hesitation when you go to kiss a man after you give him a blowjob for the first time, that strange half-second where you try to read his mind.

In the hopes of making you feel less weird about it, I asked my anonymous circle of men to share their thoughts on kissing after blowjobs.


They were more than happy to oblige me!

Check out what they had to say about kissing after oral:

Okay guys, so, what do you think about kissing after she gives you a blowjob?

  • "I have no problems kissing a woman after she goes down on me. I mean, being grossed out by it is like saying 'my penis is disgusting and I don't want anything that was near it touching my lips... but hey, put it in your mouth? Cool, thanks!'"
  • "A male friend once said to me 'Any guy who won't kiss a girl after she's sucked him off isn't worth the blowjob to begin with.' I tend to agree."
  • "I used to be very grossed out by it, and was completely against the idea, and never kissed my girl until after she brushed her teeth. But now I'm way, way, way, way, way more disgusted at the idea of making my girl feel unappreciated after she does something so intimate for me, so I've worked past it. I really regret never doing it before, and feel really selfish now that I look back in hindsight."

  • "If she is nice enough to put my d**k in her mouth, she deserves a kiss after."
  • "People are weird. Sticking tongues and other protrusions in all sorts of places — but kissing afterward? Yuck!"
  • "I'll be honest, I'm not into it. I just keep a glass of water by the bed."
  • "Doesn't bother me at all."
  • "Not kissing a girl after a BJ implies that I think there's something gross about it. I don't want to encourage any sort of perception that there's anything gross about a BJ."
  • "I don't like it. I 100% agree that if you expect your partner to put something in his/her mouth, you should be ok with kissing them after. So yes, I will do it, and I do do it. But it still slightly grosses me out. I know it shouldn't, but it does, and I don't think there is anything I can do about that."
  • "I mean, I eat the booty — I'm gonna shy away from a kiss with some residue?"
  • "If I cum in her mouth, usually not. Any other time? Yeah, why the hell not. I wouldn't be putting my d**k in her mouth if it was dirty so I don't see the issue."

  • "I find it hot. I also find it hot to kiss after I've had my tongue inside a girl's vagina. Doesn't matter to me. I also find it extraordinarily cute when I do kiss a girl after a blowjob and she smiles, having never been kissed after one before."
  • "It's my penis. What do I have to be afraid of? I would much rather kiss my beautiful girlfriend after a passionate moment than be afraid about tasting my own d**k."
  • "I think semen is really gross/disgusting. If I get any on my hands, I wipe it off right away. I never want to know what semen tastes like."
  • "I love the sliminess of it. It's visceral."
  • "I didn't even realize this was a debate."
  • "My fiance and I both kiss each other after going down on the other. I wouldn't be able to be with someone who wouldn't."

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So there you have it, folks!

By and large, most men don't seem to mind a woman kissing them after oral. They seem to agree that when you're willing to suck on his penis, the least you should get is a kiss afterward.

Of course, there are some outliers, but lucky for you, you're not dating any of them ... hopefully!


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