17 Ways To Ditch The Bad Vibes & Feel Happier Today — Yes, TODAY!

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How To Be Happy TODAY

By Jenny Sugar

Feeling happy impacts your mental health, which is a huge part of your overall health. So if your mood could use a little pick-me-up, here are some simple things you can do every day to get those feel-good vibes going strong.

1. Be grateful.

Take a few moments to recognize all that you have, whether it's something big like your health or your family or something small like getting the last bike in your indoor cycling class. Being grateful cultivates positivity, which makes you feel more satisfied and content. 

2. Give a compliment.

Sharing a few genuine words like, "You looked really ripped on the rowing machine," or, "Your smile always makes me smile," is sure to spread the happiness all around.

3. Connect with your peeps.


Sometimes your friends know you better than you know yourself, and taking time to catch up, even if it's a five-minute phone call, can remind you of all the wonderful memories you've shared. Friends have the power to turn a bad day around with a look or just a few words.

4. Hang with a furry friend.


It's tough to not smile or giggle when you're snuggling or playing with a pet. Sharing love will fill you both with joy.

5. Take 15 minutes a day to do what you love.

Whether it's getting some alone time with your favorite book, playing a little piano, or knitting a hat, even 15 minutes of doing something you enjoy will fill you up with joy.

6. Buy yourself flowers.

Why wait for someone else to surprise you with a bouquet? Head to the nearest florist and close your eyes and smile as you take in the flowery aromas. Then buy yourself the ones you love best to not only remind yourself that you're loved (by you!), but that life is amazing and ever-changing, just like those blooms. 

7. Move!


Sweating and pushing yourself during exercise releases all those happy hormones so you feel good during and after your workout. Find a workout you look forward to, such as a CrossFit class, running with some friends, or getting outside for a bike ride.

8. Spend time with a kiddo.

Kids are all about playing, being silly, and having fun. So if you spend a little time with one (or a few), their infectious energy is bound to rub off on you.

9. Peruse old pics.

If you're having a tough time and need a superquick way to turn your frown upside down, grab your phone and look at all your old favorite pics and videos. You'll be laughing out loud and feeling lighter in no time. 

10. Sing out loud!


We give you permission to shout out the lyrics to your favorite Beyoncé or Disney tune in the shower, car, or wherever. It's proven to make you feel better, even if there's no record deal in your future.

11. Get outside.

Connecting with nature, breathing in some fresh air, and taking a break from the craziness of life can make your mood do a complete 180 and give you a boost of energy. Get a double whammy of feel-good vibes by exercising outside or taking your dog in the woods, but even just a quick walk can lift your spirits.

12. Breathe and stretch.

If you need a little mood boost that you can get anywhere, do some yoga because yoga makes everything better! Try this heart-opening, uplifting yoga sequence and you'll feel lighter and happier.

13. Clean up.


A clear, clutter-free space will make you feel calm and content, so take some time to clean, organize, or even rearrange. 

14. Write out your woes.

Sometimes the only thing keeping you from being happy is holding on to worries and doubts. Release your anxiety into a journal and just let your pen flow, jotting down a list or paragraph of your feelings and concerns. Getting it off your chest can lift a huge weight and make you feel happier. 

15. Get creative.

Letting out your creative side can fill you with joy, so make some time to color, paint, scrapbook, sew, croquet, or play music. 

16. Dance. 


Putting on your favorite tunes and busting a move can lift your spirits and get your heart pumping, which releases those feel-good endorphins.

17. Smile.

Even if you're not feeling it, sometimes just making the decision to be in a good mood and telling yourself to smile can actually make you feel better. Try it!

This article was originally published at PopSugar. Reprinted with permission from the author.